For A Good Time, Call…

your humble host

Wanna feel good?

Wanna make others feel good?

I have just the thing.


You writer types have NO IDEA how cool you are.

Yep. I said it.




See, once a year or so I go to my daughter’s school and give a chat about being an author. I ask the teachers if there’s a topic they want emphasized, and they tell me to talk about being an author, but if they have topics, those usually it falls into a few groups.

  • Where do your ideas come from?

  • How hard is it to go back and review your writing?

  • Stuff like that.


And that’s fun, but when you get to hold up books you’ve written or edited, that’s when the real fun starts.

Santa Maybe Cover

I hold up some titles I’ve written. “Santa Maybe is about a kid who goes to the store and they run into a guy they think is Santa Claus on his day off.”

That one gets big smiles.

I hold up The Grandfather Tree and say, “This is about a grandfather who didn’t think he was useful anymore.”

That one gets an “Aww.”

I hold up Drake and The Fliers and I say, “This is about a kid who went to sleep one night, and when he woke woke up he had turned into a dragon.”

That one gets a “Wow!”


I hold up The Navigators and I say, “This is about a bunch of kids who found a time machine and went back in time.”

That one gets a “WOW!!”

Yeah, I kinda like that reaction. Not gonna lie.


The point is, most kids have never met a real life writer or author. But with your help, they can. And when you see 20 or so little minds light up…


It’s extremely satisfying.

I highly recommend it. For them and for you. I come home feeling like a million bucks.


Wanna know the bets part? It’s ALL the best part.


“Oh, but I don’t do this full time.” “I don’t write for a career.” “I -”


Do you think the kids care?

If you write a blog, or short stories, or books, they would love to have you come talk to the kids, believe me.

And if you have a book – one the kids can read or not – you’ll hold it up, maybe talk about it, maybe give a copy to their teacher – but you won’t forget the impact you had on the kids.

And they might not, either.

Totally worth it.

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