Cover Reveal! The “Scary Anthology” – also known as The Box Under the Bed – HERE is your COVER!

After seeing most of you like the “scary eyeball” image, we put together something that utilizes that to a big degree, has a readable title even in a small format, and actually has a box under the bed!

The Box Under The Bed front FONT hightower w fabric 2 v TWO

You may show your approval by lauding glorious comments at me in the comments section below.

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Also praise my helper, who shall remain nameless but who actually helps guide these things so they don’t go completely off the rails. And who didn’t notice that my name was a little off center. Oh, well. A few more tweaks.


you are wondering if this will be available in


form, the answer is


And regardless of whether the eBook is free or not, the paperback will not be.


you were wondering if this would be made into an

audio book

the answers is


Also not free. In fact, those are kinda expensive.

But this will all happen in due course, and ALL of you will be a part of it.

  • I’ll post auditions from narrators so you can hear them )that’s way fun)

  • I’ll keep you updated on the layout and formatting of the paperback (that’s not even remotely interesting but it ‘s gotta be done)


  • I’ll show you – along with some helpful friends – how to help market this thing. Those are all lessons you’re gonna need for your solo novel efforts one day, and you’ll get it all here.

And the next time we hold a writing contest,

you might wanna participate because I have a funny feeling more and more winners are going to be asked to be in these anthologies. I mean, why not? There are GREAT writers here. Let’s use that resource!

Also, we may sneak one of those other images for the back cover of the paperback. Like that statue one with the two victims or something. Just sayin’.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed a story, revised a story, suggested a title, commented on a title, given feedback about images, and will sign up to buy this amazing collection of brilliant stories!





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34 thoughts on “Cover Reveal! The “Scary Anthology” – also known as The Box Under the Bed – HERE is your COVER!

    1. Chills like in a good way, because you were so bursting with anticipation over finally seeing the cover (once my name is centered) or chills because it was scary? Or chills because it’s cold where you are?

  1. Yep as mentioned before … one hell of a cover Dan!

    How about and ‘odd’ number of authors say, 21 or 23 – and no not 19 – I know what you are thinking!

    1. I’m glad someone does.

      Actually, this is basically a kind of draft. We do not yet know the final number of authors. Some who originally said yes may end up saying no. And since the deadline was only yesterday, there are a few very late entries that I have not yet read. They could also make the cut.

    1. I agree. I keep saying I didn’t come up with it. I’m now starting to wonder who the heck did. I’m definitely going to have to scroll through the blog comments when I have some free time this weekend and find out.

    1. I think if we structure this properly, the paperback will actually sell very well.

      I have some thoughts about that, too. We might be able to create some kind of a way for everyone to purchase through me and pay the wholesale price on the paper (Plus tax and shipping) that comes out. Have it shipped straight to them, then everyone can have however many copies they want and sell them for the retail price. Typically I would estimate that to be about a four dollar profit per book, depending on how all this turns out.. I mention this because when you do an event in person, this might be a terrific item to hand people for them to leaf through while you are talking. It’s also a kind of readers digest kind of thing, short stories by a bunch of different people so it’s a appeal should be much broader. You could also make the decision to “gift” the paperback to somebody in person, realizing that maybe you only spent four dollars on it.

      These are just ballpark estimates. I haven’t done any actual calculations yet – but all in due course.

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