3 thoughts on “Time for BRAG OF THE WEEK. What have you accomplished this week?

  1. I was on vacation this past week and usually I’m beating myself up about getting nothing accomplished but…this week I did stuff.
    1. Hosted (with my husband Scott) the annual Harbour Yacht Club Wine Tasting Party-successfully 🍷🥃🍸
    2. Attended a small family gathering and made my Mom happy 😊
    3. Made a video trailer for Monsters & Angels <<more of a want than a need but it turned out pretty decent 😳😜
    4. Sent out a lot of review copies for my blog tour with Xpresso Book Tours along with a few more to my CPs and incredible supporters ❤️❤️
    5. Had professional photos taken to go with my Author Bio…I'm not super photogenic but we had a hard time choosing just 6 🤗

    6. Worked on my current manuscript <<but not enough. I still have 4 more nights! 🙃🙃

    Hope everyone on the Gulf Coast stays safe!

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