14 thoughts on “What Do YOU Think?

  1. I’m finding too many books, conventionally published and self published, overwritten. 400-450 pages fine if the writing very good, for 500-550 pages the writing needs to be brilliant. 300-350 pages it seems to me would be the perfect length for many stories, yet so many needlessly stretched out. I guess this is the 80 to 100 k syndrome that so many author seem to suffer from … a good story can be 40 to 60 k – or even less – says he coming in at 35k for his debut – when it’s done it’s done!

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  2. I find that a good book is hard to put down. I read a book this summer that had me so captivated I forgot to eat and had to convince myself at 3AM that I could finish the remaining 80 pages later. On top of that, a good book can leave me feeling lost when finished. It is almost like being ripped away from home. So in the end, it is like the book(s) was too short.

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