What Do YOU Think?

I’m interested in getting your thoughts about stuff I see and hear, quotes I read, stuff that passes as knowledge – and starting an authorey conversation.

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This is probably where my own quote,if it’s funny enough you can do anything (in your writing) – came from.

What are YOUR thoughts on this idea?

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10 thoughts on “What Do YOU Think?

  1. Sometimes you have to let them down gently into the joke though.
    In my experience if there’s one thing folk like more than a good laugh, it’s having their sensibilities outraged so they can have a wonderful rant.

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      1. A classic example of a humorous line which leaves the ‘target’ folks ‘head scratching’:
        Groucho Marx’s explanation from resigning from a prestigious club; (there are various versions but the basic is)
        “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member”
        It’s difficult to be angry when the deliver of the joke is being self-deprecating.😃

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