10 Thoughts You Need To Hear About ME

  1. OMG! Thanks so much for your extremely detailed critique. It is so valuable and I’ll definitely be going over it (several times, I’d say) to add in all those emotional flavors you so rightly suggest. Thank you again for all the kind words that came through along with the suggestions.

– HH


2. Great stuff! Just the sort of thing that I wanted.

– RR


3. Thanks Dan!! That was so helpful!!




4. Thank you so much, Dan, for the crit. It was excellent… It has been amazing to get a crit like this. Thank you once again and I look forward to the next Word Weavers.




5. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at and read my story. Your kindness and consideration is amazing. We need more authors like you! ❤




6. I can’t thank you enough for your suggestions. It is a pleasure learning with you!




7. Hi, Dan. Wow! You deliver a great critique! You gave me some excellent feedback with which to improve and I’m very grateful.  I like your tone and the bit of humor too.



8. Thank you for the fantastic critique…but omg…Thank You!!! Your critique style is just really, fantastically great. 🙂 I’ve participated in quite a few swaps in the past, some good, and a few that really ripped me apart and made me want to not continue. I like that you comment about things that do work along with stuff that’s meh.




9. I did want you to know how much I appreciated the critique. To get the in-line critique from you is absolutely wonderful, and so encouraging!!



IMG_2351 (1)

10: THESE are just some of the actual comments I received from critiques I did in my April writing Contest.  The first 25 story entries in my July  Word Weaver Writing Contest get the same helpful critique analysis. 


it’s what authors in my Private Critique Group get every week.

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