First lady of the keys, a real-time review – part eight


OK, so I’m 60% of the way through the PorterGirl novel First Lady of the Keys, and I am loving every bit of it. There is humor, there is mystery – little mysteries that seem to be rolling up into one big mystery – but at 60% of the way through I can’t really say for sure – there’s romance…
This book has something for everyone! Well done.

By the way, normally I would’ve finished this book over the weekend but we kind of snuck off to Universal Studios and Harry Potter land.

I think what I like most about this book is the way I started enjoying the character right off the bat. PorterGirl showed herself to be vulnerable and readers often find that endearing. But she was

portraying herself as small and unsure but determined to go forth and prove herself

– and that has been a bit of a recurring theme throughout the story, as she takes greater and greater strides in asserting herself. That’s fun to read whether it’s a male or female main character.
I will say again, I assumed the relationship between her and Head Porter was a friendly and cordial and humorous one; before I started reading the books, I had seen video clips and outtakes so I knew Lucy was friends with the actor who portrayed the Head Porter in the videos. (Being friends, they are of course friendly.) In the book, the characters are not – at least not thus far.
I also want to give a suggestion to my writer friends who are from the UK or Canada or Australia – anywhere they speak English but don’t speak American English.

When you write your story, be yourself.

Tell the story in the words you need to tell it in.
If your story takes place in New York, then you probably want to get rid of most of The non-American English words and spellings. However, if your story takes place somewhere else, or if a character is British and happens to be in New York, then don’t.
I have often said your unique (to me) spelling and way of speaking are part of what give me the flavor of that character – and by virtue of the character, the story. So choose wisely.
America is a big market, and I have read tomes that had Scottish dialects written out to where I could not understand what was even being communicated. (Although from what I understand, that’s fairly common to people who aren’t from Scotland and are dealing with a very thick brogue. Personally, I am 99% anti-writing out dialects. Use a bit here and there. A little goes a long way.)
At any rate, it is less and less important that I give you real-time updates on the story because too often now they will just be spoilers.

The story is moving smoothly and Lucy is a great storyteller.

Others may quibble with things I considered minor, but overall I really like the way she is telling the story, and I love the characters, and to be perfectly honest I doubt I will even take a break between finishing this one and starting the next one. It’s summer, why not?
Oh, because I’m supposed be doing editing Angel. 
Yeah, well…

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10 thoughts on “First lady of the keys, a real-time review – part eight

  1. Oooh my! Thank you Daniel, this is very gracious of you. I’m so chuffed that you are enjoying it. Hopefully it sits nicely with the Britishness of the Harry Potter expeditions. What a star you are, I shall forward this to my mum, who will be delighted with this review!

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            1. Good. You deserve it. I’m enjoying the book much more than I thought I would, and I thought I’d enjoy it a lot.

              Maybe I should explain. I expected a lot of funny little stories and fish out of water stuff, but basically a simple comedy. I did not expect a multilayered novel with humor and mystery and lots of other elements.

              I’m not sure why, and I hope that doesn’t sound insulting, but I would say I expected a great book and I got even more than the great book!

              So far, that is. Let’s hope you didn’t fuck up the ending.

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