Hmm… I read 30 pages this morning. Wonder if I should do an online review?

After all, JK Rowling survived my review of her Harry Potter stories, didn’t she?

And there are certain similarities…

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5 thoughts on “Hmm… I read 30 pages this morning. Wonder if I should do an online review?

  1. Reblogged with the comment…

    I do not claim any fame, for writing book reviews, but I’ve been told, my reviews, made folks want to read books, they’d normally skip.

    I don’t think a person can make a proper decision about a book with only reading 30 pages.

    So, I’m hopeful that Dan’s hit his head, not taken his De-Silly Idea Pills, or something, cause no way, does this, author, reviewer, reader, believe 30 pages is significant enough reading to form a good opinion of a book, so that a decent review can be made.



      1. I did read onward, and realized my mistake.

        As I wrote, well, dictated, in my other comment, I don’t necessarily think that the incorrect thought ought to be gotten rid of.

        Just leave it, as a reminder, to, not assume.

        I shouldn’t have assumed you were being sarcastic.

        Honestly, that’s how I took it, but well, learned later that’s not what you meant.

        From now, on, I’ll take a wait and see approach with you. 🙂

        I do love surprises, and that real-time review was great.

        After I gave that some thought last evening, I realized, I’ve done partial reviews, but not ever a real-time, as I’m reading review.

        I have, entertained such thoughts, but on this book review email list I’m on, I always get boo reactions when I even do a partial review.

        However, now, you’ve given me something new to consider.

        Well, that is, after all, one of the reasons I read blogs. To learn.

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