I told these boys (mates) I’d hook ’em up – so…

A couple of young lads went swimming at Brighton Beach U.K. this morning. Or this afternoon, I guess. 


Brighton was this afternoon. Castles were this morning. And tomorrow morning. 




That water is like freaking  ice water. And I would know because in London you have to order ice in your water or there isn’t any ice in it – but that’s another story. 





So we see these lunatics – ah, lads – swimming. Apparently, members of the iceberg club…

And then they climb out and they decide to start jumping off the pier – a height of about 40 or 50 feet.

I know! Insane.


But we were all young and crazy once. 


And then the ones who got caught went one way and the ones who didn’t jump went the other way – escorted off the pier by security – and got a very stern English talking to. So after the reprimand was over, I handed them my card and said I’d post their antics on my blog.

After all, a little shenanigans never hurt anybody. And I should know. That’s kinda what we do here, writer style. 

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