Finally had a bad meal in England. 

me, at Leeds castle, somewhere in the U. K.

Best curry ever was in a small pub in York that Charlene’s boyfriend Mark took us to – had fish and chips (not bad!) and a sweet curry sauce.

Wow was that curry good.


A shop in York sold nothing but curry. Smelled so good I didn’t want to leave. 

So when we left Leeds castle and found our hotel, I had curry on my mind. The desk clerk recommended The Rose Inn.

Worst dinner of the trip.

See, there are degrees of spiciness to curry. That, I knew. You can launch NASA rockets with a hot enough curry. Medium spice, I thought, should be okay. Not too much heat.


Ha. Nope.

That stuff lit me up from the first bite. Singed my taste buds right off. 

I. Was. Dying.

(Did I mention when you order a glass of water in the U.K. it won’t have ice in it? Yeah.)
When I went to the restroom (toilet in U.K.) my face was so red I looked like I had a sunburn.

Yeah, medium spice was WAYYYYY too hot.



But as bad as that was, that’s not what ruined the meal.

Well, yeah, it did.

But what else did was this: the meats are all overcooked. You can get a medium rare-ish hamburger at GBK (and awesome pesto mayo) and perfectly grilled chicken at Nando, but most things roast-oriented are well done. As in, really well done. To where they have that papery mouth feel. What’s the point of lamb if it’s tough and you can’t tell if from the (overcooked, tough) beef in a pie or roast or tandoori?

Now, this is a small complaint, to be sure. The vast majority of the food has been really good.


But maybe this is the root of the “British food sucks” problem.

Food for thought, so to speak.

Meanwhile, ice cream put out the curry fire, no Tums necessary.

Thank god. I nearly burst into flames.


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30 thoughts on “Finally had a bad meal in England. 

    1. Ha! Thanks for the (late) tip.

      No, usually good and I get along pretty good. I didn’t get this fat by accident.

      I heard hot curry gives a guy more… strength, shall we say. Suppose that’s just a rumor started by Indian curry powder sellers?

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      1. I should like to point out to your readers that you are not at all fat in real life.
        A good hot curry cannot be beaten, I say, although that particular rumour was undoubtedly started by unscrupulous curry dealers. Although, I would be prepared to oversee a scientific experiment to compare ‘strength’ before and after the eating of hot curry.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, everyone has their own idea of what constitutes overcooked. For instance, if I’m having a steak I’d choose to have it medium, but some folk like it burnt to a cinder or dripping with blood! It’s all personal taste. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Our local Thai restaurant has a wicked sense of humor. The mood of the cook du jour, will determine how spicy, spicy IS! I have had full spice and been delighted and ordered it again, only to turn into a zombie because I couldn’t function. (or eat the food). Yeah, adventures in spicy food, always exciting

    Liked by 1 person

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