U.K. Food  Suggestions?

OK gang, give me some ideas!
So far the food in the UK has been great! We were told it would not be, but so far it has definitely exceeded expectations.
So, what else should I try?
I’ve had fish and chips, cheeseburgers, pizza, all kinds of cheeses – and they were all great!
I’ve had steak pie and food in pubs…
Did not yet have Yorkshire putting but I will (well technically I did because it’s like a pancake but if you have a pancake without butter any syrup can you really say you’ve dad the full pancake experience? I didn’t gave it as part of the full roast). 
So what suggestions can you make? 
What can I try while I’m still here?

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48 thoughts on “U.K. Food  Suggestions?

    1. I was just going to say, a pasty! We grew up on pasties and Yorkshire pudding and no, Dan, it’s not a pancake. Because you should be having it with roast beef, pour the au jus or gravy over it. It should be good on its own too!

      1. Ahem… A proper Yorkshire pub will not be forthcoming in any eating establishment… but should be as heavy as a brick at the bottom, light as a cloud at the top, and served with a rich, onion gravy as a starter. Yorkshire was a county that knew poverty… After a plate full of Yorkshires, no-one needed much besides potatoes and veg for the main course…the bit of meat went a long way, especially f you were going to leave room for a nice treacle pudding or spotted dick and custard afterwards 😀

        1. You are so funny, Sue… You literally described, my mother’s YP. Her father’s people were from England and as we lived with him after my grandmother passed, we feasted upon my great-parent’s favorites all the time. I do believe I still have a couple of healed burns from the screaming hot fat in the bottom of the muffin tins..

          1. Only a couple? 😀
            I miss a good Yorkshire… it isn’t the kind of thing you make just for one, yet I made them for decades. Never matched great-granny’s though…they were monsters made in the roasting tin 🙂

      2. Well, they said “like” a pancake, but yeah, it’s not a pancake. And it’s supposed to be with the roast and all that – which is how my wife had it before I snuck a bite.

  1. A variant on the Yorkshire pudding with the roast theme: A giant Yorkshire pudding filled with chips and smothered in gravy, (which I think in America means sauce, not your gravy) served with bread and butter and a huge mug, (it has to be a mug) of sweet tea. oh, my, it’s heaven on a plate. Also when you get to Scotland you have to try a white pudding supper. You’ll get this in any chip shop. Oatmeal pudding served with chips again a meal to line the stomach and delicious.

  2. Don’t know where you had fish and chips but it’s quality varies enormously from place to place. The best places are anywhere on the coast, but especially in the North.
    Again, sausages vary enormously. There are many different regional recipes in which the herb and spice combinations are well worth sampling. Try ‘bangers and mash’ – sausages with mashed potato and onion gravy, or ‘toad in the hole’, sausages baked in a Yorkshire pudding batter.

    1. Yes you do!

      God, I walked into a curry shop and didn’t want to leave!

      I had curry sauce with my fish and chips and pretty much that was all I wanted to eat.

      Amazing stuff. Simply amazing.

      Or as you would say, lovely!

  3. I know what they say, but all the food we had in the UK during our last visit was terrific. (If in doubt of where to eat, we’d ask a policeman/ someone in the ticket counter in the tube station. Always got a great recommendation)

  4. I agree defeinitely try a real cream tea – the scones should be homemade and put the jam on first! Also, if you are anywhere in the South East find a proper pie and mash shop – this is not just ordinary pie and mash – well, it is but it MUST have the green liquor on it (and no, it isn’t alcoholic!) Then put loads of salt and pepper and VINEGAR (that’s important). It’s scrummy. And if you are feeling brave you could also try jellied eels (preferably from the coast as they are much better if fresh) – again with loads of vinegar, salt and pepper.. They are the old, traditional Cockney dishes!

    1. I’m not eating eel anything. Or white cream or white pudding or white cream pudding, whatever it’s called. But we might get a high tea on Thursday. Not sure if that’s including cream tea.

  5. Dan, if you do go up to Scotland, my home country, please try haggis and tell me what you think. Don’t listen to what anyone says. Just taste it please. It’s delicious! No, I’m not joking.

          1. Are you sure? I agree, it is delicious – you should at least try it once. Remember the Dr Seuss book ‘Green Eggs and Ham’?;)

            1. I’m so glad someone agrees with me. And yeah! Dr Seuss.
              But I can imagine Dan’s reply:

              ‘I will not eat haggis and neeps (orange turnipy veg)
              I will not eat them. Stop you creeps! (only thing to rhyme with neeps)

              Could you, would you on the pier,
              Could you, would you with warm beer?

              A castle, a castle, a castle, a castle!
              Could you, would you in a castle?’

              Oops, that’s my brain away on its travels again……

  6. Ooh well as true Brit, i’d have to suggest Toad in the hole. Which is sausages with Yorkshire pudding covered in Gravy usually with onons and some veggies. Shepherds Pie is a favourite, it’s lamb mince and gravy topped with mash and cheese. Cream teas are always worth it, any English dessert/pudding like Treacle pudding with custard. (Custard is the best thing ever)
    I’ve no idea who keeps spreading this slander about British food, likely people who’ve never even visited!! 😉

    1. However you guys got the reputation of having awful food, it’s like the French having shitty attitudes to the rest of the world. Except, the French keep re-earning the reputation. You guys probably just have a marketing problem.

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