Taking Over For Dan: Guest Blog Post by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

I’m vacationing!

Friend of the blog Jessica Marie Baumgartner takes the wheel today as I tour the English countryside.

There is nothing like a book release!

The fresh wonder of word play and discovering new perspectives. Escaping the all the junk in life. And when it comes time for a writer to become an author and delve into book releases they become a universe of anxiety, insanity, and accomplishment.

There are many ways to get there. I took the indie route. I need someone to tell me no and help me edit my work into something that really speaks to a wide audience. Growing my skills is always my main priority so each release is different.

TGRNot one of them has gone off without a hitch. There is always some typo to fix, resizing needed, formatting issues, or the dreaded blurb. Some publishers take care of all that for you, others expect a more hands on approach. Learning to gage what the expectations are is something you pick up on as you go. Trail and error can be brutal, but it ingrains certain protocol in your head.

Like industry standards. If you want your book to have any chance getting place in Barns & Noble, it must have the barcode on the back with the ISBN and the price listed above as well. The big 5 are no longer the only entry into bookstores. But in a flooded market you have to make sure that everything fits. Self-publishers and indie publishers are now welcom at barns & Noble for a fee.

It can be daunting trying to keep up with expectations.

There is a common misconception that authors just lock themselves away and write, then hand everything over. That’s changed. Marketing and getting your name out there is more important than ever.

head shot
author Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Everyone’s a writer. Having the right cover, the right hook (tagline), and the right mindset is what will keep you going.

My first book was a small pressed children’s picture book. It was simple and I had no idea what I was doing. I was just glad to get a deal. Since then I’ve had a science fiction series, paranormal romance, a story in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, and numerous genre hopping gems.

The main thing I have learned from the publishing industry is: Always keep going. When a deal goes bad, pour yourself into another project. If you get a bad review, remember that there are billions of people on this planet and they all have different tastes and reading preferences.

Commercial fiction is generally universal. It’s difficult to know what will be widely received, but my upcoming release, “The Golden Rule,” is a story about accepting our friends and loving them no matter what background they come from. I wrote it 3 years ago. The timeing wasn’t right then, but it is ready now.

Purchase the Golden Rule HERE 

Reviewers have been excited to praise it already and I am so happy to share it with everyone.

Sometimes we forget that writing is an art. The business aspect can take over at times, but the release is where authors get reminded of why they do what they do.

Then come book signings and events where you can get out there and meet readers face-to-face. (Which may sound terrifying, but it becomes natural after you do it enough)

The thing about writing is that’s it’s addictive. And I have this silly desire to encourage others to write. The most common thing I hear from people at my signings is, “I started a book once…never finished it.”

Finishing is half the battle.

Getting to The End gets you farther than a lot of people.

And when you make it to the release (no matter how you publish), it truly is a gift.


Thank you, Jess, for the guest blog post and for filling in during my travels.

Folks, as you can see Jessica is a brilliant writer. Check out The Golden Rule and her other works today!

Click HERE for her Amazon author page!

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