What Do YOU Think?

I’m interested in getting your thoughts about stuff I see and hear, quotes I read, stuff that passes as knowledge – and starting an authorey conversation.

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Simply, put, we are all genetically so similar that you can come to understand a murderer or a lover or a fighter or a comedian if you try. So try, and write your rage or humor honestly, and it’ll probably get there.

Don’t like that idea, do ya? About being 99.9999% the same as a homicidal serial killer. Well, you are.

What are YOUR thoughts on this idea?

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9 thoughts on “What Do YOU Think?

  1. I’ll always been far too emotional with some situations, crime in particular. No use me trying to write a book about a serial killer; they’d be graphically dead in the first chapter. This is why I work in Fantasy situations and extreme characters remote from the Present in Time and Place where ‘anything goes’.
    I love writing but have to be careful I’m not shoving my ‘issues’ down any reader’s throats

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      1. One small problem ….what do I do with the other 125,000 words?? (You see my problem….I best stay in the relatively uncomplicated world of Fantasy, where eventually things always come down to swords, or crossbows, or magic…or in some cases a big simple rock!…I’m happier there 🙃)

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  2. This is what I think… I think anyone who doesn’t agree with this, has never been honest with themselves about their anger, rage, or capability! I’ve been angry enough to kill! The first time my EX pushed me and choked me in front of my Seeing Eye Dog and scared him,into violent behavior I wanted very much to kill Donnie, and the only thing that stopped me was that I knew I’d go to jail, and someone else would have my dog.


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