I’m Heading To The U. K.!!

how i anticipate being greeted by my many British fans. i’m sure these signs will be everywhere celebrating my arrival

Yeah, you may have already known that I’m heading to the U. K. so me and fellow author Lucy Brazier (PorterGirl) can host a celebrity bash at The Eagle pub on Saturday June 10, 2017 – and you’re all invited!

I don’t leave home for a few days, but in anticipation of the trip across the pond, I’m gonna have posts by guest bloggers.


Uh, well…

Hey, come on, I don’t want to ruin the suspense…

see Cambridge? That’s one place I’ll be…

Okay, here are some hints.

Some of the Word Weaver Writing Contest winners have completed their profiles, so they’ll be here. Also, some of my amazing author friends have been asked to do guest blog posts. Oh, and some of you were owed guest blog posts from like a long time ago…

What can I say? I got busy.

Time to catch up.

So even though I understand England has internet service, and I plan to post here and there during my trip, it’s best to rely on a few friends to steer around the rocks before, during, and after I go. After all, if I go drinking with Lucy who knows what’ll happen.

00 Lucy 1

So that’s the plan. You’ve been warned.

What plan, exactly???

Well in between my departure date and my return, I’ll be scheduling posts from the folks referenced above. DURING my trip, I’ll probably post some blogworthy stuff here but most of the fun stuff will appear on my Facebook author page, including any Facebook Live broadcasts Lucy and I do at the pub. After I get back, it’ll quickly get back to business as usual.


What’s business as usual?

Damn, you ask a lot of questions.

But we’ll have another Word Weaver Writing Contest in July – details will be posted when it’s closer – and I’ll be releasing Angel soon. I’ve folded in some of the beta reader comments and the editor’s suggestions. (Pfft – no I haven’t. That’s what else I’ll be doing under the cover of guest blog posts.)

Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed

So Angel will come out and then The Water Castle needs a going over (you’ll all be asked to help with that) and I’ll be looking for TWC beta readers, and then we’ll release it. And a box set of my bestselling cookbooks will be released somewhere in there. And another illustrated children’s book, Stinky Toe. Then the FWA conference where I’ll be presenting, followed by (hopefully) completion of How Bear Saved Christmas.

FWA banner

Lots going on.

Some of it will actually happen.

Anyway, if you made it this far through this borderline stream-of-consciousness post, all you need to know is: be nice to the substitute teachers and I’ll be back soon.


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33 thoughts on “I’m Heading To The U. K.!!

      1. Let me know which day. I will travelling back from London to Cambridge on 9th as I am in town for the election night parties and whatnot (Royal Opera House followed by the Groucho Club! Woohoo!) so can escort you to Cambridge if you like. Saturday at least gives me a chance to get some sleep, so if that works I’m happy to do that instead.

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  1. Hey Dan,

    Directed here by Sally’s reblog, I came to wish you all good luck in your visit to good old Blighty. I trust you will participate in all that Cambridge has to offer and enjoy the beauty of that wonderful part of the UK. Do make time to walk the hallowed halls of Cambridge, and do venture our for a drive and explore the rural landscape on the doorstep. And if time allows, take a bottle of wine or two with you and enjoy a punt down the Cam: fingers crossed for a little decent weather whilst you sail.

    Enjoy a wonderful visit and chance to taste a little of our ancient culture. I wish you well with all your literary endeavours. Take care.

    Namaste πŸ™‚


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          1. lol πŸ™‚ Well yes we do also say that, although one feels it is a little too traditional a perspective for this modern age. We are quite a progressive thinking nation once one gets passed the more conservative view of the British. Sure we still have the ‘stiff upper lip’ and the gentleness of manner to queue, but the UK demographic is changing quickly and with it comes a more progressive, and dare I say a more impatient outlook reflecting a willingness by the people to challenge the orthodox and traditional more readily. Whilst it is worthwhile to hold on to certain values and traditions that should rightly remain eternal, I for one applaud the growing enthusiasm and willingness to embrace change if it serves a greater purpose.

            I think you will find Cambridge quite a cosmopolitan City and will enjoy the diversity of people living there, the phraseology used, and the camaraderie that exists between people.

            Enjoy your time here and the welcome I hope you will receive.

            Namaste πŸ™‚


            Liked by 1 person

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