Have a listen and let me know what you think about this audition for Poggibonsi

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It’s always a lot of fun to hear your characters brought to life by a narrator.

Here, a scene from Poggibonsi: an Italian misadventure is on display. 

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Feel free to give me your thoughts, positive and negative. Are you an audio book listener? Would you listen to this narrator all the way through the book?

Give me your thoughts!


  • Julietta

  • Mike

  • Sam

  • Mrs. Harriman

  • Narration between characters

Give me your thoughts on each!

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22 thoughts on “Have a listen and let me know what you think about this audition for Poggibonsi

  1. Reblogged at campbellsworld.wordpress.com with the following comment.

    This is, in a word, Fabulouso!

    I’d suggest when you get it recorded, to reach out to the National Library For the Blind and Physically Handicap and see if they’d like to include your recorded book in their offerings for those who are unable to read by routine means.

    You’d be doing a great service, also, since I’ve done so, my book sales have sored.

    Seems as though when folks read a book they like, they go to some book sourse, and buy for friends, and family.

      1. I think you will be quite impressed. To be included in that large system, put your name out available to a ton and have more people. What happens is, if they see one book from you, like you, they will go buy more books from you. Sometimes, I read a book on that system, and not all books by that author are available. So, I go to their websites, and buy directly from them. It cost you the author nothing so hopefully you, and more, will do this.

          1. Instruct me how to write a guest post and I will do it. I will contact the library this week and get all the important information so that I can write effectively. Thank you for your invitation, and support. Out of all the bloggers, that I follow, you are the most interactive with me, and have reached out to assist in more ways than I could ever say thank you for.

            1. All you have to do is say whatever you want to say and send it to me in an email. I will turn it into a blog post. If you want to add some pictures or web links or whatever, be sure to include them.

  2. Mike, Julietta and Sam are wonderful! Although there was a subtle difference I did have some trouble distinguishing Mrs. Harriman’s voice from Sam’s. My hearing isn’t what it should be so that might play into it.
    In the beginning of the clip I noticed Julietta voiced a couple of her own tags that I thought should be voiced by Mike.
    Other than that it’s great!

  3. Audio books are cool. Guess I thought it would be different. Meaning, that there would be a narrator and I’d only hear the voices of the characters when they were actually speaking, not the directions like she sat down, he stood up. But this is cool.

        1. I would say which ones I like and which voices I don’t like, but then other people would be afraid to say which ones they like, so I’m trying to remain neutral while people give their opinions.

          1. I noticed the tags voiced by Julietta instead of Mike as well. Also the same as Claire I had trouble distinguishing between Sam and Mrs Harriman, I thought Julietta was great, but I don’t think Mike was quite right – his voice reminded me a little of Joe Pesci. I know it’s a humorous book, but I think a sexier-voiced Mike would be better – everyone seems to fancy him after all!

            1. I thought of Joe Pesci as well :o) but thought that I would get used to his voice quickly. If his voice was slowed down just a tad I think it would make a big difference.

              1. It’s funny how people envision characters. I figure it’s hard for a male narrator to make the female characters sound good (and hard for a female narrator to voice male characters) , but in this story the female characters were more important to do properly. I could instruct the narrator to do voices the way I envision them, but I like the narrator to have creative input.

                Like a book that gets turned into a movie, it’s going to be different.

  4. I’m totally sold on Julietta and Sam. I imagined Mrs Harriman a bit older or hoarser…maybe. Mike isn’t quite right to me…cant quite put my finger on why yet. 🤔

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