MORE beta love for An Angel On Her Shoulder

“…reminded me a lot of how Stephen King writes, who is one of my favorite writers.”

– beta reader





Best. Compliment. Ever.



I can’t say everybody feels this way about the story, but so far 2/3 of the beta readers have really enjoyed it (and the other 1/3 haven’t replied yet. How’s that?)

They are laughing at the right places and they are terrified at the right places. Can’t ask for more than that.

I had a good feeling about the story going into it and then my confidence wavered a bit, but reading this feedback is starting to make me think we have really have something special here. 

I’m going to think of a way for all of you to be able to read it and post a review in the first week. This sucker has some potential. This could be the one.

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6 thoughts on “MORE beta love for An Angel On Her Shoulder

      1. Should finish up by end of weekend. Maybe before. I’ve got some new illness plaguing me so have to take it easy. No better way than to read. 🙂
        Sick of being sick!

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