Flash Fiction Challenge: Favorite Swear Word


Yep, that’s it. What’s your favorite swear word? (You can write it with asterisks in the middle if you need to.)

Well, that’s not quite all…

I also wanna know what word you hate most in the English language.

Could be the same word, I guess.

List them in the comments below and be sure to identify which is which.

  • Favorite swear word

  • Least favorite word

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21 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge: Favorite Swear Word

  1. Alright I’ll bite! My favourite swear word is more of a swear-title. There’s a guy at work no one likes and he’s nicknamed Captain Knob-Jockey… so yeah, that just tickles me. (I should qualify that I’m Australian so regular sweat words are kinda common vernacular here hence why I like the slightly more unusual CKJ)..

    As for least favourite word, wow, that’s a toughie. I’d have to tie between guesstimate 😡 and irregardless 👿
    Just ugh…

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  2. Favorite swear? But there are so many. Hmmm.

    Swears are like seasoning. You need just the right one to get your point across. “This guy” Is probably said in a playful manner while drinking. “This fucking guy” is that tool who wants to spout conspiracy theories at you while you’re waiting in line at the store. “This douche canoe over here” is probably high and wants to sell you crappy knives.

    But a favorite? Probably “bullshit.” My characters and I say it a lot.

    Least favorite word…probably gluten.

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  3. When I’m frustrated I say “bloody hell” which is a holdover from my very English ex husband. That’s my favorite. My least favorite word Jessica can relate to. When I first lived in Australia I used words that are considered rude there until I learned from all the strange looks I got. The most blaring one was fanny. Every time I hear that word I cringe inside.

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    1. Ha!

      Yeah, I had some friends from the UK explain that one to me when Walgreens announced over the PA that fanny packs are on sale.

      Diapers or napkins, I think. Or vice versa. If you asked for a napkin you were asking for a diaper.

      But vagina as fanny? I never understood it but when vaginas were on sale, it got some looks!


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