WRITING CHALLENGE: If Today Were Your Final Blog Post, What Would You Say?

Your humble host.
your humble host

I’m not asking for a tearjerker letter to your children, but play along. If you had a crystal ball that said you’d die in a car crash later today, or if you were diagnosed with cancer and would die, or for some reason you would no longer be able to write…

What would your final blog post be?

Mine would be really, really long, I’m sure; but for this game, let’s say…


I’d say…


Last post ever? This is harder than I thought.

Okay, I think I’d write this:

Was I a great writer? No. But I helped a lot of people and sincerely believe they could be.

(Oh, and it’d have a typo in it.)

What would your “last” blog post be?




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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

37 thoughts on “WRITING CHALLENGE: If Today Were Your Final Blog Post, What Would You Say?

  1. Wow…great topic!
    My last post would be something cryptic and frustrating, like all my other writing. 🙂 I think I’d drop a few vague references to coffee, bourbon, my immortality and New Orleans…

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