StumbleUpon Follow-Up: The Results Look Like This

See? Occasionally I get it right…

Beyond the Precipice

Less than two weeks ago, author and blogger Dan Alatorre posted an informative article about how to use StumbleUpon (3 Ways StumbleUpon Can Get YOU Noticed), which I reblogged here.

Go over there right now and check out the screenshots of Dan’s graphs. I’ll wait.

I was intrigued by the huge spike in Dan’s graphs and the disproportionate number of referrals from StumbleUpon, so I dusted off my account and decided to give Dan’s tips a try. And you know what? Dan’s advice was spot on! Everything he said would happen, if his instructions were followed, worked.

So I had to write this follow-up post to show the proof. Below is a graph of visitors to my site as of January 22, mid-afternoon (orange bar). StumbleUpon referred five times as many people as WordPress Reader and three times as many as Facebook. The search engines referred only…

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