The Internet is forever – but some posts live bigger lives than others

A lot of the time here on the blog we will attack a common problem that writers are experiencing.
How to get reviews. 
How to describe the sound of breaking glass. 
We still haven’t done that breaking glass thing, dammit! If anybody knows, send me a comment.
Anyway, I did not post yet today and I really didn’t post yesterday, but I got a fair amount of traffic to my blog.
I was traveling, and that just didn’t lend itself to getting my posts done. Usually I would schedule them but due to some logistical problems, that’s not what happened. 
The logistical problem was, I didn’t take my computer on vacation with me. On purpose.
So it surprised me when I had a fair amount of traffic on what was essentially a non-posting day, both yesterday and today.
If you look at the pictures below – and I know how you guys hate bar charts! I know. I know! But look at these!

The first one shows that I had a fair amount of traffic. 

The next one shows what topic was being looked at, and the next one 

shows where those eyeballs came from. 
Yesterday, I had a decent number of views, the topic was one I had not posted about in a while, and the eyeballs came from search engines.

Same thing for today. Between StumbleUpon and Google, people are finding my blog post about how to do a text conversation.
Now, why is that significant?
Because apparently nobody knows how to do it, and people are searching to figure out who figured it out. And they are finding me.
Which is to say we should attack some of the common problems we all face as writers and write blog post about them and put those posts out on StumbleUpon and eventually Google will pick it up and refer people to our sites because of it.
I know you all know that, but the question is what would be the posts that would do that?
The ones that help people with a common problem that is hard to solve. 
I have a note to myself to write a blog post about things we have to describe as authors that I haven’t really seen done well anywhere – but I have to do them a lot and I know somebody has already done it!
The sound of breaking glass
What a gun sounds like when it fires – without using the word “bang.”
I’m sure in the 500 or so novels that Mickey Spillane wrote, he figured out ways to do both of those things. Same thing with that guy who writes all those cowboy westerns.
As for me, I need to still figure it out. So I need good examples
But anyway, I guarantee lots of people today are searching for a way to describe the sound of breaking glass or the sound of a gun shot without using the word bang. I know, because I have done both of those things! And I’m not satisfied with any of the information I got from the inter-webs.
So, that’s the deal. If you have a good example/reference, list it. If you can write a good description, list that.
And also, if you want to tackle a common problem that writers face, list that.
If you are the one to solve the problem, we will highlight you here but more importantly the inter-webs will find you and make you a god. 
(If you need to know how to post to StumbleUpon in such a way as to get some volume traffic in return, let me know and I will do a brief blog post about that.)

19 thoughts on “The Internet is forever – but some posts live bigger lives than others

  1. Great post, Dan. (I’m a math geek, so graphs and numbers are good.) I opened a StumbleUpon account quite some time ago, but never used it much. The problem with accounts is that you end up spreading yourself too thin. It’s a lot of maintenance time that could be used for writing.

    That said, I was intrigued by your offer to do a post about StumbleUpon. That would be good.

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  2. The sound of a gun depends somewhat on what type of gun is being used. My in-laws enjoy the occasional stress relief of a rifle shot. When the trigger is first pulled it produces a cracking sound, much like very localized thunder, followed within a heartbeat with a deeper echo that rolls across the landscape in a wave.

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