“Angel” resumes Monday. Or Tuesday. 

Those of you who have been following along know I’ve been posting chapters of my unreleased manuscript An Angel On Her Shoulder every day so far this month. 
Well… until today. 

We took a little vacation from sunny Florida to go play in the snow. 

Angel will resume Monday. Or Tuesday. 
The next segment is completed and usually I’d  have it scheduled to run while I’m gone, but the one analysis on after that isn’t finished, so you might’ve seen one run Monday and then a gap Tuesday. I don’t know, that seemed worse. 
Don’t worry. They’ll all get posted in January. 

9 thoughts on ““Angel” resumes Monday. Or Tuesday. 

    • Thank you.

      I’m kind of disappointed, too. I had the next chapter all ready to go with the changes in a brief analysis, and then I emailed the next four chapters to myself so I could work on them from any device. iPhone, my wife’s computer, whatever.

      Since I was trying to travel light this time around, I didn’t bring my own computer. And you’re not supposed to work on vacations anyway.

      But I figured I would definitely get a handful of hours to get the next chapter done and things would just keep clicking. One each day, the whole month. And then I went out of town and on the airplane I was thinking, oh… I didn’t didn’t bring my computer… And that’s where the stuff I wrote is. For the next chapter.

      And since I don’t have that, I can’t post it. So I will have these things out of order now.

      And from there it just seem like I had already checked my brain into vacation mode and needed to roll with it.

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