How to embrace your JEALOUSY of other writers (not that you have any)

Jealousy is idiotic. Writers can often be insecure types… So they’re often jealous of the success of other writers.


from Dan: I know I am occasionally jealous of other writers

Wanna know what I do about that jealousy, when I feel it?

I embrace them.

I try to become friends with the person I’m jealous of.

I hold their work up and say “SCORECARD: they sell more than me; they are a better writer!”

I read their stuff to learn from it. I try to emulate their work habits.

And I sit in the dark, red-faced at my jealousy, wishing I were a better person, a better writer – and working hard to be one.

Occasionally they’ll become friends with me and say I’m a good writer, sometimes stating that I’m a better writer than they are.

Scorecard says otherwise, but it still feels damned good to see my work is admired by those I admire, and that my moment is probably coming – if I keep working.


13 thoughts on “How to embrace your JEALOUSY of other writers (not that you have any)

    • Yeah, but for the most part audiences get it right.

      More sales is usually somebody doing something right. I use the sales scorecard as my measuring stick and it drives me to work harder and get better. I want what they have, so am I willing to do what it takes to get what they’ve gotten? I hope so, but in my own way, too.

      If they work hard, I want to work harder. If they market, I want to market to the best of my abilities, and that means doing events and YouTube shows and conferences as a presenter.

      I need to market harder. I can only do what I can do, but there’s a lot I can do – and a lot I can do more of.

      Shame on me if somebody outsells me because they outwork me. There’s no excuse for that, and usually if they sell better than I do it’s because they are working harder.

      So I need to up my game.

      And maybe write romances and mysteries.

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