Merry Christmas!

I say it all the time but only because it’s true: You guys are the best. I’m lucky to have you as readers of this little blog thing I do.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy mine. 

Savvy will awaken to a mountain of presents under the tree, after coming in to the master bedroom to ask my wife and I if she is allowed to go downstairs and see if Santa came. That’s my bet. She may just skip the formalities and head downstairs by herself, and we’ll be awakened by shrieks of joy.

Either way, expect shrieks of joy.

I might wake up before her, head downstairs, and await the shrieks of joy when she finally wakes up – because Christmas Eve is a long night for a six year old. On Christmas Eve, Grandma and Grandpa come over, and her cousins, and aunts and uncles, all having Christmas Eve dinner at our house, and opening a few – maybe more – presents from each other.

In past years, Santa has made a visit on Christmas Eve.

But Christmas Eve is a night to stay up late and swap stories and eat too much good food and open gifts and think about the coming year.

Then today – Christmas Day – we open presents from Santa (and maybe a few from each other), then get dressed and head to Grandma’s house for more eating and drinking and presents and merriment.

More shrieks of joy when my daughter sees Santa left gifts for her at Grandma’s house, too. Yeah, we overdo it. Why not? Kids are only young for a short period. The rest of us try to recapture the magic a young child sees in Christmas, the moment that exists right now in her heart.

That magic will be evident on her face a lot today. You could power a small city with her excitement.

And the words that will be said most often today – by everyone – are Merry Christmas. That’s a good sentiment. A great feeling. Exciting. Happy. Joyful.

Just, you know – not always shrieks of joy-ful. We’re not all six.


Merry Christmas!



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