Compliment or kick in the rear?

As further  proof that Americans and Canadians are two people separated by a common language, I offer this, in the season of Christmas.

Jenny, a Canadian, and I, a ‘Merican, were having a conversation in which she proffered that (above) alleged compliment.

So I will put it to you.
I’m not sure I regard any reference to myself and the rectal area of an animal as being high praise, but I could be wrong.

Is Jenny trying to pull a fast one at Christmas via channeling an angry Tom Jones from the 1960s. “That cat’s an ass.”?

Or is this really a compliment?
I’m not sure I’m buying it either way but let’s see what you had to say on the matter.

48 thoughts on “Compliment or kick in the rear?

What do YOU think? Let me hear from ya.

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