Holiday Memories: Christmas 2010

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Enjoy another Christmas post from years past and tell us about one of your holiday traditions (or a failed one).


Christmas 2010 – Savvy was 9 months old

On top of making Savvy’s 1st Christmas memorable because there was now a baby around when there never had been before, and all our efforts to HAVE a baby had finally culminated in the arrival or our daughter, we had a lot to be thankful for. There were a lot of ways the kid helped make Christmas special.

Turns out that building one of those little ginger bread house kits is a 2 or 3 day project. Two or three days! You didn’t know that, did you? Because if they wrote THAT on the outside of the box, nobody would buy the stupid thing. Who wants to spend 3 days building a glorified cookie with some icing on it! It is WAY harder than the box makes it look. Way harder.

coverWho wants to do that? Well, we do, of course, as a little Christmas project with grandma and our baby girl. It will probably turn into a holiday tradition. The annual “Swearing At The Cookie.” You know when you are using icing as construction mortar you’re gonna have problems. My neighbor’s house is being built faster. Probably tastes better too. The pieces of gingerbread are pretty much stale, so you don’t even want to eat them, and the icing you have to use for glue is just icing. It will probably hold the knife onto the plate if you don’t wash the dishes overnight, but it isn’t going to keep the roof pieces from sliding off the walls and into the yard.

We will try to make this an annual tradition with less drama – and we will fail.

– from “Savvy Stories

What are some of YOUR worst holiday traditions?

2 thoughts on “Holiday Memories: Christmas 2010

  1. “Swearing at the cookie.” LMAO

    We did sugar cookies every year. The first few would be elaborate creations where every sprinkle was hand-laid and pupils on the snowman were dotted with a toothpick and a surgeon’s precision.

    And then…we got bored. With eighteen million cookies still in front of us. We plowed through with the minimalist approach: (swipe) Blue star! (swish) Green tree!

    Soon, only a few were left. Fueled by the sugar-silliness of several samples, the creative juices came rushing back. Headless snowman? Check. Gray zombie Santa? DONE. The goal was to make the grossest cookie EVER – the one that would get my dad to do a double take, and say “what the hell IS this?” before shrugging and eating it. 🙂

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