12 thoughts on “Too Good Not To Share

  1. Actually that “bigger” thing kind of makes sense. You kind of photograph like a six-footer – something about the shoulder breadth? But I’m guessing by the women you’re standing with that you’re closer to 5’9″ish in reality, give or take.

    (And this is where you tell me you’re actually 5’10”, and we all nod our heads and smile knowingly.)

    (This isn’t meant to be insulting. Just from experience….My ex said he was 5’6″ and I can see clean over his head. I’m 5’5″ and a bit. It’s kinder not to argue and just smile – I mean, what does it hurt?) 🙂

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    • I’m happy to admit I’m 5’10” because I AM.

      But… my nephew, who is also 5’10” stood back to back with me this summer and apparently he’s taller. so maybe I’m not 5’10” any more. Or he had thicker shoes. I’m not one of these guys that worries about that kind of stuff. (If I were, the pool water comment wouldn’t be in there.)

      Anyway, these ladies are both tall. I’m taller, but not if they wore heels.

      So I wondered about that bigger thing, too, and I think it come from the videos. Like people on TV, we think they are larger for some reason. Then you see them in real life and they are normal size and it seems weird.

      Between that and boisterousness, personality, etc., who knows.

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            • They were as smart and funny as expected. Other than that I have no public comments.


              Seriously, it has been my great pleasure to get to know these two amazing ladies over the last few years and I’m honored every week when they appear on the show.

              On the other hand, how good can their judgment be if they come on my show?


                • I had to rack my brain to think if I had ever done it before.

                  I have.

                  I belonged to a charity group and I met a lot of people over the Internet that way. Mind mean involvement was education. I created the largest group for that particular condition in the world. We were in over 12 countries last time I checked. I greeted every new member to the Internet group personally, and interacted probably every day multiple times a day for close to three years.

                  When we finally got together at the charity function, it was pretty neat.

                  I guess they thought I wasn’t as big as they were expecting either!

                  I’m not gonna say this for sure, but I believe – I believe – there was a small cadre of people pointing to me and saying, “That’s Dan!”

                  Or I may have dreamed that. I was kind of a big deal.

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