Drake And The Fliers Has A Trailer!

This is SO cool.

If you have looked into making a book trailer, you’ll know you can get (a crappy) one from Fiverr for under a hundred bucks, or a nice one for $500, but this looks good and is FREE.

Allison Maruska

Fellow authors, I need to tell you a secret – you can create a book trailer for free.

Last night, my son (he’s 11, by the way) showed me a “trailer” he made with his school iPad. It was pretty cool, so I asked him to show me how me made it. He directed me to iMovie on my phone.

So I started playing around.

I wonder if I can make a book trailer with this, I thought.

I hopped onto Pixabay and gathered a bunch of free-use photos that would be good for such a thing. The final result looked pretty neat, so I put it on my personal Facebook page. The reception was way better than I expected. So today, I hopped onto Google images for some better-quality pics labeled for reuse (thanks to Cathleen Townsend for teaching me how to find those).

Basically, I wanted to…

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One thought on “Drake And The Fliers Has A Trailer!

  1. Folks, some authors – SOME – have made good trailers. Most trailers I’ve seen are pretty lame. They lack the necessary visual impact because they aren’t done… well, like movie trailers.

    THIS is. And it’s free.

    If you are even thinking about a trailer for your book (and you should), this is the way to go. NO cost and just a few hours of your time, most of it spent searching for the correct images? Deal me IN.

    You will spend more money and have less satisfactory results doing anything else.

    Fiverr trailer makers everywhere are collectively groaning as they see their businesses ending.


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