Words Of Strength & How They Apply To Writing


Teddy Roosevelt, and maybe Napoleon. Doesn’t matter.


How it applies to writing:

the ability to ask for one more review or apply to one more review site or ask once again for someone to consider letting you guest blog when 100 in a row have said no, to keep pushing to finish and then push to publish and when nobody buys the book to go right back out there and keep pushing. It is humiliating enough in a world unto itself and yet you go on. You are crushed until your soul is flat and you still go on. It’s gonna take doing that thing you hate or suck at. Public speaking or cold calling bookstores to ask to do signings.

Every person you know who writes will know that feeling, but most of them will not go on. If you can summon the courage to persevere, you will be their successful friend.

Authors 3 Dorminy


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7 thoughts on “Words Of Strength & How They Apply To Writing

  1. Love that quote and this post is very striking. To remind us to keep moving forward, to let the rejections and the anxieties and all else we battle through, wash over us as we keep going, keep moving, keep persevering.

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