New stuff!? Check it out!

Doing this from my phone as I await breakfast in bed. 
Sheesh. Kids. 
I’m also trying something new: short videos that give helpful writerly tips. You’ll see lots of them over the next few weeks: SHORT video blurbs with a helpful insight inside. Like a tootsie pop, kinda. 
I’ll still be writing posts; in fact I’ll be going back to what’s been popular – writing tips we all need. Reminders. New stuff. 
Those aren’t like tootsie pops. I’m not sure what they’re like. Let’s say ice cream, because they’re really good. Or broccoli, because we need them. 
Don’t make the leap of broccoli ice cream. Just don’t do it. 
Looking over my stats, the most popular post over the past two years – when we had all the growth in followers – has been that type of post. Helpful writing stuff. 
So watch the video and see if 2 minutes of Dan being insightful is good or if you prefer a written Dan. (I’ll be doing both but I’d like to know.) 
Also, if you’re new here, and MANY of you are each week, WELCOME! Post a comment to tell me how you found me and what I can do to help you. 

6 thoughts on “New stuff!? Check it out!

  1. Hey Dan,

    The little video clips are cool, but most times I’m reading posts in a place where I can’t have (or don’t want) sound. For that reason, I like the idea of sticking with text posts, or at least mixing them in.

    I love the idea of going back to more of the “helpful writer stuff” posts though! Looking forward to what new advice you’ll find to share! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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