Writers Off Task With Friends show 28: Leah Vernon, World Building

Leah Vernon, the author of Impure, drops by to give us her thoughts on world building.

Impure takes place 500 years in the future, when Americans were ruled by a tyrant and divided by race and class; hate and inequality reigned. Hispanics and Blacks overthrew the government and exterminated most of the Caucasian “Europe” race – enslaving the few that remained. Sixteen-year-old Saige is an Impure – she has mixed blood – a crime for which her parents were executed. Vernon writes a compelling story of three teenage adversaries from different castes who are forced to rely on one another to thwart a dictator’s plans for mass genocide.

Leah’s amazing interview is going to be broken up into several topics and spread out over the coming weeks, but you can see ALL the segments on our Writers Off Task With Friends YouTube channel.

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Then you can watch them or download them as MP4’s into your iPod and listen while you drive, shop, or vacuum the house. (I got that idea from Jenny. She said she listens as she vacuums.)

Get your copy of Impure HERE on Amazon

leah vernon 4 Impure

And if you’d like to come on Writers Off Task With Friends and share some wisdom you’ve gained from your writing experiences, use the Contact Me button to let me know!


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