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Colleen Landry became a friend through her hilarious blog so naturally when she co authored a book with Odette Barr and Beth Wetherbee, I interviewed them on Writers Off Task With Friends. 

But watching the EFFORT in marketing these ladies have put forth for their book is amazing. 

It’s like they’re always doing something. 


Book signings. Radio appearances. Book readings. 

They’re always doing something! It never stops. 

And it’s not like YOU wouldn’t appear on Good Morning America if GMA called. But Colleen (pronounced CO-leen, like co-conspirator, not CALL-leen like normal people) and company know the little things lead to the big things. 

So they DO the little things. 

She’s my friend so I’m gonna shout about her but they are earning it. No venue is too small – as in, they’re willing to do WHATEVER it takes. 

Too often we piss and moan about our book not doing well but Little Red Hen is over there doing stuff we’re turning our nose up at. 

I’ve seen it happen too many times and I’m guilty of it myself but GET OFF YOUR ASS and market that book! If it’s not selling the way you want, do more work, not more complaining. 

Each book sold is an honor and you aren’t entitled to any of them, you earn them all. 

Ask everyone you know how to do more and then do it. 

I’m so proud of Colleen and Beth and Odette’s work ethic and so happy to have author friends like them – to inspire me to work harder. Because they do.

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