Practice Makes Perfect

Who influenced you as a writer?

Um… books.

At what age did you know you wanted to write professionally?


If there was a novel about your childhood, who would write it?

Mark Twain

He’s dead.

That’ll take longer, then.

Practice your answers to interview questions, folks.

People expect writers to be articulate.

4 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. LOL – “yes” is my favorite! Although I might have said “uh, no?” instead.

    But I hear you: I’m always impressed by how articulate the authors are who are interviewed on, say NPR. Then I realize that gee, they’ve probably been answering these same questions for a while, practiced this, and -gasp- even planned ahead!

    Bonus: I imagined doing an interview like that myself, and the pretend interviewer asked about my POV characters. And I realized at that moment that I had too many POV characters to describe in an interview, and worse, I didn’t know what to say about them. Wake up call! Now I’m down to three POV characters and have a *much* better idea of how to describe their different perspectives and what they bring to the story.

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