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Aliens are about to vaporize the earth (not all of it, mind you, let’s just say extremely large bits) and you happen to have a time capsule that can withstand their death rays. What are the five items you stick in there for the future remnant of civilization to dig up a hundred years later?


(Saw this question on a book launch party by author Rysa Walker. Totally stole it.)

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19 thoughts on “A Question You NEED To Answer

  1. A copy of Stephen King`s The Stand. A newspaper from todays date, with all its foolishness. A copy of Das Kapital Karl Marx. A history of the world book so they wouldn`t make the same mistakes as we did. and a book with trees, flowers, insects etc

  2. A pizza recipe, a copy of Spaceballs, a letter explaining what caused the aliens to hate us, The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss, and a treasure map that leads to nowhere.

      1. One of the funniest movies of all times. I figure it’ll help confuse future generations as well. Didn’t know if I could put an entire collection of Mel Brooks movies in there.

        1. He has some classics.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t put space balls in the time capsule, I’m saying I never thought it was a very funny movie! And I have talked to several friends with great sense of humor’s who all think I’m ridiculous for not thinking it’s funny. I may have to do that as a blog post sometime just to see where all of my readers line up!

          1. The thing with comedy is that it’s entirely subjective. Think that’s the right word. Something will be hilarious to one person and stupid to another. For example, I couldn’t get into ‘The Hangover’ while all of my friends thought it was on par with ‘Animal House’.

  3. DVD box set of Life on Earth, The Ascent of Man book, Two vials of blood, one human and one ape, and The History of the World book. If they can’t figure it out from these we have no hope!

  4. Richard Armor’s ‘It All Started With Columbus’ & ‘It All Started With Europa’ + Sellar & Yeatman’ ‘1066 and All That’ (the only true accounts of history of US, Europe & UK).
    A video of me with a massive mirror reflecting back the evil death rays on the alien ships and saving the world
    And some sort of thingamajig which records two years worth of all of WordPress Writers’ Blogs just in case the aliens come back for a second try and we need to preserve something truly valuable.
    (Flash-forward to sometime in the future….’Oooh look’ says an archaeologist ‘There are also 3 volumes by someone called R J Llewellyn. How do you think they got in there?’…….)[you can’t blame a chap for trying]

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