Writers Off Task With Friends, Show 23: author Daphne Kapsali

Some people are just FUNNY.

I like to think I am, but Daphne Kapsali is.

Author of a terrific blog and three brilliant books, among them the acclaimed 100 Days Of Solitude, Daphne stops by for a laugh-filled afternoon (“ahftahnewn”) with the gang on WoTwF.

You’re gonna love this one! And you may learn something, too. I did.

Daphne’s books on Amazon:

  • 100 days of solitude
  • you can’t name an unfinished thing: a novel
  • This Reluctant Yogi: everyday adventures in the yoga world

In 100 days of solitude she really went for it, no people. Solitude and alone can be a little different depending on the context, and this line brought it home: “I would be alone for the next one hundred days. By choice.”

 It didn’t hook me in the opening paragraph, it hooked me in the second paragraph

“A warning against settling for the easy and the conventional and the obvious at the expense of our dreams, our grand and noble acts”

You discover it will be 100 separate stories, one per day in your journal, a way to discover value in each day. We mainly discussed 100 days with Daphne.


  1. You mention this in the book that it was a revelation: What is the goal or benefit of living day to day?
  2. You warn against settling for the easy and the conventional and the obvious at the expense of our dreams, our grand and noble acts
  3. You have a unique voice and the opening of this book really demonstrates that, in a way that really connects with the reader.
  4. How should a writer develop his or her own voice?
  5. What is one thing you would advise all new writers to do?
  6. It’s said that to write you must read. What genre do you enjoy reading the most?
  7. When writing a book, how do you capture ideas? Write notes by hand on Post-its and envelopes and Kleenexes, type only into your computer, keep a notebook, talk to text messages, or other/all of the above? What’s your favorite way to make notes for your story?
  8. Paper or plastic?
  9. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?


Yes, it’s a bit silly. That’s the point. But it’s also insightful and fun. That’s also the point. 

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