You know what’s really special?

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You know what’s really special about asking friends to do a blog post about your new book?

Well first of all, they do it. That’s pretty nice. Books sales are kind of a big deal. (Get your copy of The Navigators HERE)

But also, many of them don’t say nice things about the book…

they say things about you, too. And not just about you as a good writer but nice things about you as a person. Things they have picked up from reading your blog or comments you’ve made on theirs.

And on occasion when you have a new book come out, you get to ask a lot of your friends to help you market and promote it, so you might ask them to do a blog post or ask if you can do a guest blog post, or maybe they’ll review the book on their blog…

Sixteen 5-stars review in 9 days. They can’t all be family members!

And then you inadvertently have the very soul-warming experience of reading all these nice things that people say about you. Over the course of the last week or so, I have had more than half a dozen friends use their blogs to say nice things about The Navigators and to complement me as a person.

I can’t tell you how humbling that is.

And to say it exceeded my expectations is minimizing it. I never expected that. Never. It nearly brought me to tears. More than once. And I appreciate it. Freaking Jenny created International Dan Day, for Pete’s sake! Who does that?

Friends, that’s who.

I say it all the time but only because it’s true:

You guys ROCK.

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