Crazy Train Explained

I had this great idea for a story

– well, I have those all the time – and at the same time, I have interacted with so many of you that I thought it would be great to write a book with some of you. And some of you wanted to do that, too. (Click HERE to read more on that)

A book would take a long time, though, and your schedule might not match up with my schedule, since many of you are actively working on your own books…

So I mentioned to two or three people here and there to think about writing a story together as co-authors. And there are many of you that I would like to do that with, but two of these – they were all three ladies – had concerns.

One was afraid if she and I wrote a romance together, people would think something was up between us.

That seemed silly

until I checked with the second female author friend who kinda said that’s what happens when women and men do writer stuff together. Even blog posts where they just show support for each other with comments. Or video shows. Sheesh! Who knew? But still, I want to be aware of that, BS that it is. So the idea kinda fizzled for a while.

For most of the people it was a timing issue. Writing a complete book takes a long time and coordinating the effort with another person probably takes even longer.

But the goal of writing and collaborating with other people was still there. And then I got an idea.

I just said, heck, I would like to write with lots of people. Why don’t we just do that?

But how???

Oh, I had a terrific idea of how!

So I am right now kind of baiting the hook. Actually, I did it this week over a few posts.

I have an idea.

I really think it’ll work.

I should probably tell you what it is.


I’m going to lay out a kind of outline and everybody who reads my blog can have a chance to contribute a “short story” that will be part of this overall story.

And how will they all fit so it makes sense? That’s the genius part. I think.

I was kicking around ideas to write with several people and have a genre and all that, and – well, you remember; I thought it would be awesome to have a bunch of sad endings. That was part the challenge, in its original genesis.

Now, a bunch of romantic short stories with sad endings written by different authors, that’s not genius. But it’s a good start. They’re called anthologies.

And a bunch of short stories with sad ending all about a common theme is interesting but also not genius. Also anthologies, just with a common theme. (Although those are popular and can be go on to be NYTBSA, and could launch the SuperBlog, so)


Ready? This is the good part.

If I could find a way to make all the “short stories” into one big, cohesive story, THAT would be genius.

Wait, stories written by different authors and with different genres all fitting into one cohesive story? Madness, you say!

Aha, but wait.

Because the overall story is – ready?

Lovers who can’t be together and reincarnate again and again until they finally are united because they are soul mates.

So you can have a western, and they can be lovers in a western. And they can maybe not be together because her dad doesn’t approve. So they can pine away for their stolen moments. It’s a short story, basically. You can do that.


You can have them at WW II and he has to go off to war.


He can be in the civil war and die, and that’s why they can’t be together.


But lacing it all together is the overall understanding – by US writers and eventually the readers – that the stories are all connected somehow. Kind of a Fried Green Tomatoes thing, where the old lady in the nursing home is telling the new nurse stories (missed that? Click HERE), and the new nurse comes every day to hear them, until…

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Anyway, you see how you can write a historical story and it would fit. Or a contemporary one. Or one in ancient Mexico. These lovers can go wherever and whenever we need to them to go and be.

The best part is, we’ll give readers a way to eventually figure out the key. How does it become obvious it’s the same two lovers – their “souls “really; their spirit or energy – how would readers know it was the same two every time? Maybe it’s the eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul, right? So maybe in each story we leave a clue that allows readers to eventually determine what we already know, that it’s the same lovers over and over every time.


A mystery, a romance, a western, a historical piece – all in one.

Now you’re seeing the genius. But wait, there’s more. Because it’s not going to be just a collective or just an anthology.

I will lay out the outline and create some of the characters – that will give it uniformity. I’ll pick the short stories that go in and of course we will make sure they are well written and well edited so that they are quality writing. Think co-author, but depending on your writing style, maybe we alternate chapters or you just write your short story. Between critiquing and editing, I think the similarity of style will become consistent.

These stories might be 10,000 words or 40,000 words, depending on which piece of the outline you take, its significance to the overall story, and how much you can write. Each person selected to help write will be named as a co-author if their work goes into the book. The rest – those who can’t schedule it right now or don’t get selected – can help edit and critique, etc., so nobody gets left out. And we’ll do most of this right here on the blog, probably, so we can get a lot of input as we go. I want everyone’s contribution seen and recognized if they help. They’ll be listed as co-authors or editors or listed in the acknowledgements as is appropriate. Amazon might let me list ten editors if I want; I don’t know.

But it would be a chance for me to co-write stories with many of you amazing, talented people.

It would be a chance for you to work with me, and let’s face it, a LOT of you write really well! I’d like a chance to work with you, even if it’s only on a short story/chapter of a bigger book.

The idea would be to publish a unified, cohesive book afterwards that 10 different authors (or however many) are trying to promote and however many other contributors, as all having played a significant role in its creation.

Some hopefuls would become published authors. Co-authors, with a searchable Amazon credit they can show off to their friends and a detailed list f acknowledgements they can see in a real book that will be on Kindle and in paperback.

With a headliner or two, if we can swing that.

Okay, so now that you know what the “Crazy Train” really is…

Who’s gonna climb on board?

If you are interested, send me a message using the Contact Me button or comment below.


54 thoughts on “Crazy Train Explained

  1. I’m certainly intrigued by the idea. 🙂 I’d like to get a peek at that outline, too, and see if I can fit something in! I love collaboration. I mean the word. It’s fun to say. ;P Maybe you’ll even pick me to play along!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. IIntrigued to see if your outline and characters spark a story in me … I’ve been dipping in to “Sliding Doors” and “Next Life” romance … my characters seem to cock up ‘Real Life’ whatever that is!

    Liked by 1 person

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