What To Do With A Bad Review

I’m rerunning this because we need to remember we’re GOING to get a bad review on occasion, and that it’s not the end of the world. And because I just got one on The Navigators.

(This post was from a while ago and isn’t pertaining to Navs.)

Dan Alatorre

What? Somebody didn’t like my masterpiece? They gave me a 2 star review???


Oh, the pain of a bad review.

Hey, we all get ‘em. I’m a fan of a certain very famous author, but I don’t like everything he writes. I got one of his books over the summer on the recommendation of a friend who is also a fan of his.

And I couldn’t get into the story at all. The story sucked. I must have read that opening page six times. It absolutely didn’t interest me at all. So I put it aside and forgot about it.

What I didn’t do was write a bad review. I could have, but who cares what I think? The guy sells millions of books and I wish I had his success. This one wasn’t for me. Maybe I’ll pick it up again one day and force myself past age…

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10 thoughts on “What To Do With A Bad Review

  1. Ouch, I just saw that review, lol. I do a lot of book reviews and I always take into consideration good and bad and I think the only reviews that are truly useless are those one line reviews where there’s no help whatsoever. At least some bad reviews are so bad they can make you laugh. But most reviews are subjective and there’s always going to be people who don’t like your book. And yes, it is suspicious to find a book with never ending 5 star reviews…makes me think somebody paid for them.
    On a similar note I got seriously burned by an author who thought my 4 star review was bad!

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    1. You have to take reviews with a grain of salt, but it’s always worth it to check and see just how avid reader the reviewer is. In this case, this reviewer only reads a book once or twice a year. Onto prior occasions he slammed a book by giving it one star and then we find out in his review that he never finished reading the book. He gave it one star after a few pages were after chapter. Then he came back and updated the review to four stars when he finished the book and decided he liked it. That’s just bizarre. But in the end I hope that people will look at what he said in Juneau take or leave it. If you have 12 good reviews and one bad one, is he right or are the other ones right, you know?

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      1. That is weird. I think a bunch of good reviews with the odd one that’s bad is perfectly fine. As with all books it’s subjective so you just can’t please everyone, although I still am peeved at people who decide like that guy to write a review without bothering to read something, or just say something ridiculous in a review, such as ‘Got this for my dad, think he’ll like it’ or my favourite on the classic book The Oddyssey ‘It’s by the Homer’! lol

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  2. I get a bad review on one of my 250 books at times-most are from competitors and people who have not even read the book so I form my own opinions. When this happens-I get good ones.

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  3. Well, not every book – or every writing style – is for everybody. I know I have a fairly immature voice (it’s cool, I own that) and some peeps are more into the classics. I don’t like to have to work so hard when reading, so I would rate a lot of the classics as “boring.”

    Some of us like black coffee, some prefer cream and sugar, others dig tea. Coffee houses stock ’em all. And I only judge the cream and sugar set in my head. 🙂

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