Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!
I’m writing to you sitting in my bed this morning because our annual Father’s Day tradition is, I get served breakfast in bed. 
It was Savvy’s idea. She saw it on Bubble Guppies or Mickey Mouse or something, and I guess the way she explained it to my wife, they HAD to make breakfast in bed for Daddy. And thus, the tradition was born. 
Now, since I usually get up a few hours before everybody else, there are actually two traditions. 
I wake up and go downstairs and write for a few hours, then my wife wakes up and tells me to go back to bed and pretend to be asleep so my daughter can wake me up and surprise me with breakfast in bed. 
Which means I have a few hours to kill because Savvy is still asleep. That’s also part of the tradition. So I watch tv – quietly – or play on my phone. Then I delete old phone contacts after reading all my emails… Sunday morning tv is really boring, too. 
But it’s fun to see my daughter all excited about making me breakfast in bed, and it’s only once a year, so what the heck. 
Did I mention I don’t usually eat breakfast? I do on Father’s Day. 
I get presents, too. Michele takes Savvy shopping, and things are selected especially for me by my daughter – with the guidance of my wife. One year I got a red shirt – the one I wore at the villa when we went to Tuscany. Another year I got a bouncy ball from the dollar store. A Dora the Explorer bouncy ball. I think the mommy-guidance system was asleep at the switch that year. 
But as Savvy gets older, she does more of the breakfast making. Last year she cracked and scrambled the eggs; now she is allowed to stir them in the skillet. (She stands on a stool. With lots of guidance.) Pretty soon she’ll be making the whole breakfast all by herself!
And some time after that – too soon, I’m sure – it’ll stop altogether. Not sure when, but you know how it is. Things… change. Kids grow up. 
Like the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy, one day it’ll just not happen. High school? Sooner? Can’t expect a kid to come home from college to make eggs for her dad. 
Or can I?
Well, I don’t know and I’m happier not knowing, I think. Right now the tradition is alive and well. I hope your Father’s Day tradition is, too. 
So Happy Father’s Day!
From bed. While I wait. Because the tradition is alive and well but it’s also still asleep. 

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15 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. That is adorable. We don’t have traditions about Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Each year I ask the hubs what he wants to do. I figure he works his ass off for us, he should get whatever he wants for Father’s Day. Last year was rock climbing. I think the year before that was Gilroy Gardens(kids amusement park). This year, it’s video games and then a hike. Oh and bread pudding for dessert.

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  2. Happy Father’s Day Dan. My little girl left post-it notes all over the house for me with messages about how I’m the best daddy and how much she loves me. They were on my computer, the coffee-maker, my i-pad and phone. It was so sweet.

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