16 thoughts on “Why or why not?

  1. Writing non-Earth fantasy means I don’t get to add real world stuff. Though I have started a post-apocalyptic thing and I’m toying with a paranormal thriller. I’ve noticed that zoos show up a lot and I do enjoy going to them. So I think that’s my subconscious favorite place.

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  2. Some of my favorite places are all over the world – my main characters from my debut novel end up in Germany, one of the places I’ve lived and loved for a few years. But I do tend to write a lot about Texas, and there’s no denying I love Texas to smithereens. So, I guess so. 😛

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  3. I tend to write fantasy and sci-fi (when I’m writing fiction) and because of that, the places I visit are hard to incorporate. In my non-fiction work, I rarely mention place (now that I think about it, I don’t think I really go into that much detail in my fiction either), so I guess my answer would be no.

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