46 thoughts on “Yeah, what about this?

  1. Nurblesprogs …. this is the word I use to describe ideas which occur to me while I’m writing. I always wear a Panama hat when working as this seems to stop them escaping before I’ve finished with them.

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  2. Used blondshell in my first book to describe a gorgeous blonde bombshell! And often use fastamagoric – to say something super fantastic. Both words don’t sound that original and may have been used before, but I haven’t seen them around in any dictionaries or books anyway. I love making up words but don’t always use them for fear of people thinking I can’t spell 🙂

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  3. Me make up words. Lol.

    I came up with adjacent conversation to explain how my sister is always talking about me, to my mother, when I’m sitting right there.
    i.e. … I think anybody over thirty-five looks stupid in a mini skirt, and who would want to dye their hair red… Meanwhile I’m sitting on the other side of her in a mini skirt, a box of red dye in my hand. Adjacent fucking conversation. Hmmm. Does this make me sound angry?

    You caught me using umbrellaed tables. You commented I don’t think that’s a word. (Why I remember this is beyond me). I think I replied, it is if I say so.

    And I used the word scuttled on the hook…someone replied…that thesaurus isn’t doing you any favours. It was pretty funny.

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  4. Sure, if you don’t want to use platonic since that’s for platypuses. Perhaps they have a nomantic relationship, meaning no romance with that man, while the man has a nowomantic relationship with that woman. They’re just friends–nomance and nowomance (I know, sounds like that cartoon character who can’t say his r’s; can’t remember his name, I’m blanking out).

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  5. My biggest offense is changing the word from a noun to a verb or an adverb to an adjective or something along those lines. When people look at me funny, I just look back and say, “Writer’s rule.” Now, yes, I am stating that writers have a rule implemented by the Muse’s that be allowing us to create words to fit in however we need them (ok, that might not be a thing, but don’t tell anyone), but at the same time I am quietly reminding them that writers do in fact… rule! (because we are such an odd bunch)

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