Yeah, what about this?

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What are some words we need to make up?

I can think of a few. Like when a man and woman work together and are buddies but aren’t romantic. Is there a word for that? There should be. Friends doesn’t cut it.

What are yours?

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46 thoughts on “Yeah, what about this?

  1. i love made up words – one of the ones i’ve made up for my family is a product name. “Crapple.” our name for those caramel apple wraps -))

  2. Nurblesprogs …. this is the word I use to describe ideas which occur to me while I’m writing. I always wear a Panama hat when working as this seems to stop them escaping before I’ve finished with them.

  3. Used blondshell in my first book to describe a gorgeous blonde bombshell! And often use fastamagoric – to say something super fantastic. Both words don’t sound that original and may have been used before, but I haven’t seen them around in any dictionaries or books anyway. I love making up words but don’t always use them for fear of people thinking I can’t spell 🙂

  4. A lot of slang that is common vernacular should be I think. Like high schoolers or smush, confuzzled may be a stretch but I know I make up too many outlandish words. haha

  5. Me make up words. Lol.

    I came up with adjacent conversation to explain how my sister is always talking about me, to my mother, when I’m sitting right there.
    i.e. … I think anybody over thirty-five looks stupid in a mini skirt, and who would want to dye their hair red… Meanwhile I’m sitting on the other side of her in a mini skirt, a box of red dye in my hand. Adjacent fucking conversation. Hmmm. Does this make me sound angry?

    You caught me using umbrellaed tables. You commented I don’t think that’s a word. (Why I remember this is beyond me). I think I replied, it is if I say so.

    And I used the word scuttled on the hook…someone replied…that thesaurus isn’t doing you any favours. It was pretty funny.

    1. That IS funny.

      “The thesaurus isn’t always your friend.” Good point.

      Now that I think about it, I’ve made up some words, too, but they were used sarcastically – imagine that.

      1. Your not a funny man so I can’t picture it….. Lol. I’m teasing in case you have no sense of humour…that’s teasing again, btw.

    1. Yep. Occasionally the folks who make up words get it right. They gave us Benifer but they gave us bromance. Their batting average is very low but they do get a home run on occasion.

  6. Sure, if you don’t want to use platonic since that’s for platypuses. Perhaps they have a nomantic relationship, meaning no romance with that man, while the man has a nowomantic relationship with that woman. They’re just friends–nomance and nowomance (I know, sounds like that cartoon character who can’t say his r’s; can’t remember his name, I’m blanking out).

  7. My biggest offense is changing the word from a noun to a verb or an adverb to an adjective or something along those lines. When people look at me funny, I just look back and say, “Writer’s rule.” Now, yes, I am stating that writers have a rule implemented by the Muse’s that be allowing us to create words to fit in however we need them (ok, that might not be a thing, but don’t tell anyone), but at the same time I am quietly reminding them that writers do in fact… rule! (because we are such an odd bunch)

      1. Yeah, I remember that from years ago. I think something just got shortened in my head and it became the ‘quip’ that it is today. /shrug Writers, right?

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