Writers Off Task With Friends, Show 13: My Flowers Are Too Fragrant!

Yeah, yeah. We went to Disney yesterday and I forgot to post this episode. Sue me.

Here’s what you’ll miss if you don’t watch:

  • First of all, I look great. I think the blue shirt really sets off my eyes.
  • Of course, I NEED that help because my two lovely and talented co-hosts are dang lovely. Can I say that?
  • Tips for increasing your blog traffic
  • Getting past a road block in your story
  • And much more that’s helpful and entertaining. Probably.



Yes it’s a little silly. That’s the point.

Plenty of people already think authors are humorless nomads living in their pajamas in a basement somewhere. Help dispel that idea.

But, you know… get dressed first.

15 thoughts on “Writers Off Task With Friends, Show 13: My Flowers Are Too Fragrant!

  1. I absolutely agree Dan. Most of the people in my life accuse me of being reclusive, and a bit crazy. I just laugh and say, most writers are different. I think its great that we stand out from the ordinary, drab, boring, mundane, run of the mill, people. I do love it that we have distinctive characteristics that set us apart from the norm. What is normal anyway? To me, normal is boring. I just can’t do boring. My life is filled with exciting stories, and entertaining others with my storytelling. Writers are awesome, insightful, brilliant people. When I spend time with my friends and family, they can’t seem to get enough of this crazy. Have a wonderful writer kind of day, and bask in the bliss of being writer.

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  2. Wow Brenda said it all and in a very articulate way. I know when people think I’m a bit crazy when they give me “that look” so I try to be around those people that don’t judge. As far as going around in pajamas, well, I’m guilty of that. I blame it on working nights but that only goes so far. It’s working pretty well though.
    I liked the video. As for the lilies I almost got thrown off a plane for bringing a bouquet of them. They made me cover them with about 3 trash bags because they smelled so strong. But there was no way I was going to get rid of a 60 dollar bunch of flowers for my girlfriend who just had surgery for cancer.
    Keep doing the videos!

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  3. Don’t frown on jammies. At least it’s a form of, you know, pants.

    And the key to writing is seeing the extraordinary and unique side of the everyday. Right? There’s pretty much a story in everything.

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