Writers Off Task With Friends, Show 13: My Flowers Are Too Fragrant!

Yeah, yeah. We went to Disney yesterday and I forgot to post this episode. Sue me.

Here’s what you’ll miss if you don’t watch:

  • First of all, I look great. I think the blue shirt really sets off my eyes.
  • Of course, I NEED that help because my two lovely and talented co-hosts are dang lovely. Can I say that?
  • Tips for increasing your blog traffic
  • Getting past a road block in your story
  • And much more that’s helpful and entertaining. Probably.



Yes it’s a little silly. That’s the point.

Plenty of people already think authors are humorless nomads living in their pajamas in a basement somewhere. Help dispel that idea.

But, you know… get dressed first.

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15 thoughts on “Writers Off Task With Friends, Show 13: My Flowers Are Too Fragrant!

  1. I absolutely agree Dan. Most of the people in my life accuse me of being reclusive, and a bit crazy. I just laugh and say, most writers are different. I think its great that we stand out from the ordinary, drab, boring, mundane, run of the mill, people. I do love it that we have distinctive characteristics that set us apart from the norm. What is normal anyway? To me, normal is boring. I just can’t do boring. My life is filled with exciting stories, and entertaining others with my storytelling. Writers are awesome, insightful, brilliant people. When I spend time with my friends and family, they can’t seem to get enough of this crazy. Have a wonderful writer kind of day, and bask in the bliss of being writer.

      1. Thank you Dan. I’m hiding out in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia Canada. Probably will spend some time inside of a tree today.

  2. Wow Brenda said it all and in a very articulate way. I know when people think I’m a bit crazy when they give me “that look” so I try to be around those people that don’t judge. As far as going around in pajamas, well, I’m guilty of that. I blame it on working nights but that only goes so far. It’s working pretty well though.
    I liked the video. As for the lilies I almost got thrown off a plane for bringing a bouquet of them. They made me cover them with about 3 trash bags because they smelled so strong. But there was no way I was going to get rid of a 60 dollar bunch of flowers for my girlfriend who just had surgery for cancer.
    Keep doing the videos!

      1. As well as lilies being stinky flowers, they are also poisonous to cats. The lily plant at least. So I’ve decided I will stick to pictures of lilies. No smell, no danger.

  3. Don’t frown on jammies. At least it’s a form of, you know, pants.

    And the key to writing is seeing the extraordinary and unique side of the everyday. Right? There’s pretty much a story in everything.

    1. I think the right person can make anything interesting. I’ve made a routine trip to the grocery store pretty memorable. On the other hand, I’ve never tried to make growing grass interesting, so who knows.

      1. So you need to put earplugs in and stream Wagner and sing at the top of your lungs.

        Even the neighbor’s Rottweilers won’t come outside to sniff me then.

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