Is Writing A Calling?

Some say writing is a calling. What do you think? Why do you write?

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48 thoughts on “Is Writing A Calling?

  1. Writing is a calling? I believed in that too, yes.
    My late father used to tell me that being a writer is just like being a prophet, who writes of the past, present and the future.
    Perhaps to predict of the coming or some dreams, and visions.
    Even reminding us of reality.
    And giving people hope and reaching out to hearts of others.
    These are the reasons of which I think why I write.

  2. I think it’s a calling. I also believe it’s a compulsion in a way, like when you write stories as soon as you learn to read and spell and store notebooks full of stuff under your bed. That’s what I did anyway.

  3. Lots of reasons. When I started it was all about writing about my travels. Recording what I’d done whilst out and about. But it’s all changed for me this past year. Now it’s a therapy. Everything goes down on paper, my thoughts, dreams, worries, reading between the lines and wanting to inspire others. It’s become a way of life.

  4. I think it is for some people. For myself, I really love creating and telling a story. Some days it’s the only thing that makes me happy and helps relieve stress. Oddly self-therapeutic.

      1. My first novel was written as self-therapy also, during the winter after Hurricane Sandy.
        I almost lost the therapy aspect of the whole project after a pile of rejections and reasons why I “have no chance”, due to market and multiple POV etc.
        I’m weighing my self-pub options now…we’ll see. 🙂

  5. To me, imagination is a calling. Writing about what I imagine is just a means of letting others know of some of the the flickering things going on down deep in that imagination. These are things that want to escape from the dungeon of my mind and find self expression. So my novels are really escaped images put to text the best way I know how.

  6. Writing is like a disease to me. I see something badly written and I’m itching to fix it. If I’m not writing during the day, I write in my dreams. I was exposed in third grade and have managed to live with a full blown case since high school. The symptoms of over active imagination, obsessive laptop attachment, and verbal dialogue diarrhea are manageable but only with adequate word count output. Lol

  7. I do – although I don’t have that calling; I definitely believe my son has it! And you too of course! 🙂

  8. Dan the Man….you ask all the right questions. Writing is a gift you were born with, and cannot learn through creative writing. You either have the gift of storytelling or you don’t. You can’t spend lots of money thinking I will be a writer after I finish this course. All writers are also readers. Crazy, voracious readers. Usually someone that isn’t passionate about reading isn’t much of a writer neither. So having said that, I suppose it is a calling. Open yourself up to the universe. You are a vessel for something much greater. You are writer. So write. It is a gift that has been bestowed upon you.

      1. Thank you Dan. You were born with it. Keep up the great works. I love Hemingway.

  9. I think the desire to write is either a calling, or recognition of how one is wired. I experience the world through the written word. There’s an inner monologue I walk around with that tallies things up and longs to share. It’s the little things, really. I see the world from the outside in, as if I were in perpetual witness mode, and it comes from a source of sheer fascination over people and how they appear on the stage of life. I revel in individual personality, as in the expression of the spirit which animates each of us: All the complex variables that contribute to a person’s makeup: their past, present, hopes, fears, desires; all the things that go into their life story, replete with the predicaments they find themselves in through their own creation. We are all trying to get this business of life right, and I write to tell stories that compare notes. I was thirty years old when my mother told me that, as a child, I used to unnerve people by sitting and staring at them. When I heard this, it occurred to me that I still do this! In writing, there is a carrot before the horse that will forever be just out of reach, but its aspiration is to tell a story in which people can see themselves. I realize this sounds rather lofty, but as there is no “there” to get to in writing, it leaves only the pursuit. For me, it is everything. For me, it is enough.

    1. You have the gift of storytelling. I always say I am on the outside looking in. We just are. We notice things other’s miss altogether. Its the deeper development of the third eye of wisdom. Great writing.

      1. Brenda, this is it exactly, with regard to being on the outside looking in. And although I can’t say why this is the case, it is enough to recognize that it is the case. And it therefore follows suit that because this is the case, then the thing to do is make something of it. I think writing is the art of communication at its highest, and the thing of it is, it begins with a type of insight, which is why I loved the way you strung together,” It’s the deeper development of the third eye of wisdom.” You get the gold star of the year for the poetry of that line!

  10. Claire, I was speaking to you. Of course, Dan the Man, we know you have the gift already. Happy writing. The more you write the better you get at it.

  11. Like Jonah, I spent a good portion of my life in the whale avoiding my calling. I knew it was there but I kept thinking I wasn’t good enough to be a real author (since I judged every word over and over again). I come from a family of entertaining storytellers, but one of the stories was that “people like us don’t amount to much.” Another story was “don’t stand out–someone might find out you’re a fake.”

    Staying in the whale so long threatened to turn me into a crazed and bitter lunatic. When I finally embraced the calling I became the person I was always meant to be–an optimistic and satisfied writer. The people who love me are relieved!

    1. What a beautiful way of putting it! And gosh, how often we are warned by people who mean well but may actually hold us back.

      When we dare to fly, we risk being Icarus.

      Or the Wright Brothers, Lindbergh, Armstrong…

  12. It’s not a calling. It’s a text message. (snort)

    The voices in my head demand I do a lot of things. Right now, writing is one of the safer requests they make.

  13. I write because it’s easier to see the patterns in what you’re thinking when it’s all laid out in front of you. And honestly, just because it’s fun!!

  14. It’s a question I’ve asked myself recently. Whether it goes by the name ‘calling’ or some other name, there is a definite something, a pull that reels us in, seduces us to constantly crave to create. I write because if I don’t, all the thoughts and words and phrases and scenes inside my head will drive me insane! Writing is a constant journey, a painful one at times, but one that is often littered with random gems of outstanding beauty if we persevere for long enough.

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