35 thoughts on “What genre do you enjoy reading the most?

  1. I go through phases with different genres and eras, but I always come back to speculative fiction, mostly science fiction and fantasy (and a dash of horror). Lately I’ve been reading a lot of science fiction shorts and really loving them. It inspires me to get more of that intense speculative imagination into my fantasy writing.

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  2. I have to pick one, huh? Just one?
    I read all over the place so I’m struggling to pick a favorite. I have a soft spot of sci-fi, especially speculative fiction/dystopian stories that include sci-fi elements. I love the mashup of contemporary and fantasy stories that urban fantasy provides. I find myself reading Grisham-type suspense novels or King-variety horror on vacations.
    But a favorite?
    I guess the common element for all of those is action/adventure, though that’s not the primary genre for the stories themselves. Does that count?

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  3. Urban Fantasy. I honestly just discovered it was my favorite genre last year. I hadn’t realized that the books I had enjoyed the most were Urban Fantasy. Now I try to devour as many books in the genre as I can. lol

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  4. Romance, but that is such an enormous category, so let me specify better: love stories with meaning. Not the typical fluff for escapism but something with a political, moral or dramatic element of some kind to it. And that’s what I write as well. 🙂

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  5. I love horror and have done since a kid but I also love fantasy, urban or otherwise, not keen on high fantasy. It`s all those “thee” and “thou”. Also, sci-fi, Oh God, should have told you what I don`t like. Romance. Normal girl meets normal boy meets obstacles to their love, the end.

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  6. If I had to pick one it would be historical (and that often leads into Classic lit. I’m usually most happy reading thing that balance a lot of elements, especial humor, romance, mystery, action, and suspense). See. Simple. 🙂

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  7. I write fiction, but I love reading history. Historical figures can’t be as controlled as fictional characters so they often surprise and delight me more. Plus, as a workaholic I can rationalize reading history as research for the next novel.

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  8. Great question, Dan. As for reading enjoyment, I read mostly in the speculative fiction realms, from horror to science fiction to fantasy (and, of course, there are all kinds of subgenres within). But I also really enjoy biography, certain nonfiction topics [e.g., writing, humor/satire, social issues, medicine/virology, science], poetry, plays, and so-called literary fiction. My humble opinion is that, to be a better writer, I have to read in other genres outside the one I write in (predominately). I find things I enjoy in every genre, honestly, from romance to mystery to historical fiction and way beyond. The only genres I can’t remember ever having read a novel in is Westerns, and I haven’t read some of the world’s ‘other cultures’ great literature either, such as Tolstoy.

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  9. The classics never go out of style.

    I agree that you need to/ought to read outside “your genre,” if only because so many elements of other genres are present in any great story. Reading them allows you to see a bucket of paint and dip your brush in to color your own work.


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