Flash Fiction Challenge: Kiss Me

That’s it. Write a kiss.

Any kiss.

Could be a long, lingering, delicate kiss between forbidden lovers, stealing a precious moment they’ve both longed for…

Could be a sad kiss goodbye…

A mother playfully kissing her child as she puts her to bed…

A husband tearfully kissing his wife as he closes her casket…

Could be something else.

Something dark and scary.

Something toe-curlingly hot.

Kiss me. Let’s see what ya got.

Published by Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

52 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge: Kiss Me

  1. “Alone at last.” Talon’s voice purred with sexual innuendo.
    However Galatea might try to deny the memories seeing Talon brought back, her body was quick to remember that purr. There was only one thing to be done in the situation. “Do you want to leave through the car park or the back entrance into the café?” Play it cold and all business before she turned into a puddle of femininity.
    “Don’t you think we should talk?” Talon’s voice was curious and a little surprised.
    “I think we have established our mission parameters and next steps quite sufficiently.” Professional innocence rang in her voice and reflected in eyes that met Talon’s without reservation.
    “So that’s how this is going to be then?” He sounded mildly disappointed.
    “You have another avenue of attack we should consider?” Her stomach clenched as she struggled to maintain the character she chose to play in the charade.
    For a moment he didn’t answer her. His was mind working furiously to consider what she was really playing at. He couldn’t quite angle out his next move. And then he saw the corner of her mouth twitch and he knew. “I do rather have another avenue I wish to pursue.” In a moment he covered the space between them and her mouth with his. Her deep sigh of satisfaction was his reward.

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        1. Crap, I did that before, too, didn’t I?

          I think I can only handle so many people with the first letter T in their name. One, apparently.

          I’m torn between correcting it and deleting these comments, and letting it all sit out there as is to let people know that I’m an honest guy and I make honest mistakes on occasion.

          But the piece was great! Sorry I screwed up the name! That’s what I get for trying to be sociable.

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  2. Entering the small office, Kate met Paul’s gaze. He had the sort of eyes that could melt a woman in a single blink.

    Paul’s pen dropped from between his fingertips and hit the desk. He lifted his head and smiled. “I didn’t expect you to come.”

    Her heart pounded in her throat. “I didn’t expect you to invite me.” Maybe when he messaged her to say ‘you should see my new office’, it wasn’t an invite after all.

    He walked round the desk and curled a finger, beckoning her. Drawing her closer like a magnet. Without blinking, Paul’s hand circled her waist, pulling her crashing against his body. His other hand brushed past her cheek as she stood frozen, barely an inch from his lips, longing for a taste.

    Kate’s hands trembled as she slid them over his hips, gripping, feeding her need to hold him. Unable to hold back, she parted her lips and followed his breath, meeting him half way. The softness of his lips on hers sent a wave of tingles through her body leaving her lost but totally fulfilled.

    His vigorous kiss had been nothing more than a dream for so long, yet there he was, the sensual feel of his tongue on hers, flooding her senses with his tenderness and the fresh woodland scent that had left her mouth watering day after day. He pulled back and sucked in a mouthful of air before going back for more, leaving Kate’s legs like jelly.

    The ringing of Paul’s phone robbed her of his tenderness and left her breathless and wanting more, craving another chance to feed her desire for his overwhelming presence. Until next time.

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  3. “Let me get your coat.”
    The party, if you could call it that, was coming to its end. I had spent the evening refilling drinks, clearing plates, and putting plastic wrap over endless items of food that I would likely never eat. I was tired of hearing how well I was holding up, how brave I was, what a good wife I had been. They were partially right. My make up was still fresh due to frequent touch ups, and I had on my most benign, impassive face. But a good wife? That one was dead wrong. Dead wrong. A poor choice of words.
    The closet could easily accommodate more than one person so he followed me in. Everyone had been drinking, and he was no exception, but he had stopped at one whiskey. Before I could take his coat from the hanger his hands were on my shoulders and there were actually tears that moistened the corners of his eyes.
    “I’m so sorry. He was a good boss, and a friend.”
    Perhaps it was the sense of deprivation from affection that a spouses’ long illness creates, or unmet needs, or strong hormones or… who knows what? As I touched the side of his face lightly with the back of my fingers he embraced me. At first it was casual, at least for him, but when I didn’t release him right away, he took in a breath between a gasp and a sigh. His eyebrows were raised when I let him go. He could have looked down, grabbed his coat, left me there in the closet, but he didn’t. I could have taken it off the hanger and shoved it in his hands, but I didn’t.
    My lips were tingling already thanks to my plumping lip gloss, but when I touched his long enough to share it but not long enough to be more scandalous than it already was, he recoiled. He pressed his lips together, then kicked them. Without another glance he collected his coat and left.
    I smiled. The effects of the lipstick usually lasted two hours. Would he feel my kiss that long?

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  4. Before she could react, he reached up and pulled her down on top of him, his breathing quickening, and then he was kissing her. She remembered his kisses from when he was in her time, but this was totally different, this was passionate and demanding, and oh so thrilling! She felt his iron-hard arms surround her, his lips and tongue exploring hers and she responded gladly, but tentatively, not believing he was initiating this.
    His hands slipped under her gown, pushing it up and caressing the back of her knee, his touch, like electricity, running higher and higher up her thigh, sending thrills deep into her body. He turned his hand smoothly to follow the curve of her buttock, his fingers exploring deeper. She gasped and he took a deep breath, letting it out in a throaty growl. Her heart was thudding as if it was about to burst from her chest, and then suddenly she froze and pushed herself up.
    “No!” she said. “This is wrong! You have just lost your Queen and you are in a vulnerable position. It’s unprofessional. I am meant to be treating you, not…not…”
    “Not letting me swive you?” he said, his eyes holding hers. “I thought you wanted this. Do you not love me, Rose?”

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  5. Sam’s cheeks flushed, he licked his lips, his eyes twinkeld as he caught sight of her; He approached her with a wobbling swagger.
    Amy watched him, the lace on her dress rubbed between her thumb and forefinger as she rocked to the music. Lifting her chin she cheekily pouted as Sam firmly pulled her in to his embrace. Lips met firmly, Amy giggled and swiped the drool from her chin as she giggled, and for a heartbeat her tongue tasted the sausage and blackcurrant they ate at the birthday tea.

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  6. Sam’s cheeks flushed, he licked his lips, his eyes twinkeld as he caught sight of her; he approached with a wobbling swagger.
    Amy watched him, and she rubbed the lace on her baby pink dress between her thumb and forefinger, vigorously she rocked to the music.
    Lifting her chin she cheekily pouted as Sam pulled her in to his embrace. Lips met firmly, Amy swiped the drool from her chin as she giggled. They smiled, and for a heartbeat, her tongue tasted the sausage and blackcurrant of her birthday tea moments before.

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  7. I tossed and turned, unable to find a comfortable position that would allow me to drift off to sleep. With each second that ticked by, I became more aware of Hunter’s presence. I imagined him standing outside my door, wondering if he should come in.
    I wished he would.
    Every touch, every stolen glance, every moment I’d spent in his arms earlier tonight only left me wanting more. So many years had passed, but my body ached with the need to be his again.
    I threw off the covers, swung my legs over the side of the bed, and hopped to my feet. Confident, determined, and fueled by desire, I grabbed my robe and rushed down the empty hall. A girl on a mission to get her man.
    Without pausing to think, I tapped lightly on his door, whispering his name. I pushed on the lever with a trembling hand. Locked. Dammit.
    The latch clicked; and the door opened, revealing a bare-chested Hunter.
    “Were you waiting for me?” I bit my lip, glancing up at him through my lashes.
    He’d looked sexy as hell in his suit at our engagement party, but now … wow, what a shame it had been to cover this magnificent body.
    “I—I couldn’t sleep.” He dragged a hand through his already messy hair and leaned into the door frame.
    Perfect. The way he looked. The way I felt. The perfect opportunity.
    “Me either. But since we’re both awake . . .” I stepped closer and tugged on the sash around my waist, letting my robe slide from my shoulders and fall to the floor. “We might as well have a little fun.” I slid one hand down his chest, over his navel.
    Hunter let out a slow hiss, the muscles of his torso flexing. His lounge pants sat low on his hips, the fabric straining across his growing erection. I skimmed the top of the silky fabric, imagining how he looked beneath them. Anxious to find out.
    He grabbed my wrist, fingers flexing on my racing pulse. “Skye.” His grip tightened, halting my exploration. Broad shoulders rose and fell on several ragged breaths, his inner struggle palpable.
    “What’s stopping you?”
    “A hell of a lot of self control, right now.” He grabbed my left hand, stroking my palm before raising it between us. The light from his room reflected off the diamond solitaire—the ring that branded me as Matt’s.
    Ignoring the momentary flash of guilt, I pressed Hunter’s hand to my chest. “Maybe I just need someone to make me forget about him. Someone who makes my heart race like it used to. Like it is now.” Watching his face, I moved closer and wrapped my arms around him. “Before it’s too late.”
    His dark eyes betrayed him, revealing the same passion and desire that burned inside me. Emotions that had laid dormant far too long.
    I’d missed him, more than I dared to let anyone know. And I needed him. More than I realized myself, before today.
    Hunter’s head fell forward. His stubbled jaw scraped my cheek as he nuzzled my neck and dropped a trail of kisses to my throat. Each one sent a shot of electricity straight to my core.
    A sweet sigh slipped past my parted lips. I struggled to catch my breath amid his sensual assault.
    He cradled my face, mere inches from his own, his heated gaze searching my soul. Did he see the empty space that only he could fill?
    I brushed my lips across his, tentative at first—warm, soft, exactly as I’d remembered them. “Mmm … I’ve missed these lips.”
    The corner of his mouth lifted. “You miss all the wicked things they can do to you.”
    I bit back a smile and lifted my shoulder, trying to play it cool. “That too.”
    Hunter’s mouth covered mine, claiming me in one swift move. His tongue swept inside, caressing and exploring. He let out a satisfied hum that vibrated through me.
    Every cell in my body seemed to come to life after years of hibernation. Pulsing sensations I’d long forgotten rolled through me in waves. I clung to him, gasping, pleading for more.
    Hunter gripped my waist, catching me as my knees grew weak. His fingers dug into my flesh as he pulled me toward him, tugging me into his room.
    My skin tingled under his touch as his hands skimmed my torso, his thumbs brushing the underside of my breasts. He guided me backwards, pinning me to the wall as he raised our clasped hands above my head. His hips pressed to mine, rocking at a slow steady rhythm.
    Lost in the whirlwind of sensations he created in me, my body melted into his. I was so close to going over the edge, and he’d barely even touched me. My grip on his hands grew tighter the higher I climbed. My uncontrollable cries of pleasure echoed in his mouth as he continued to kiss me with unyielding passion.
    Hunter released my arms. He pulled away, licking his swollen lips, a dazed look in his eyes. His chest heaved on heavy breaths. “What the fuck am I doing? Skye, we can’t—” He shook his head, scrubbing his knuckles across his troubled face. “You’re marrying my best friend. It’s already too late for us.”
    His jaw flexed as seconds ticked by in silence. “I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone, but we missed our chance. I missed my chance.” He rested his hands on my shoulders, his eyes locked on mine. “I’m sorry. For then and for now.”
    I turned away, hiding the pain that threatened to consume me. We were meant to be together—I felt it in the depths of my soul. Settling for Matt had seemed like my best option at the time, but … well, I never expected to see Hunter again. Never expected to feel so alive again.
    “Skye, please don’t make this harder than it already is. Saying, ‘no’ to you is killing me.”
    “Then don’t.”
    He placed a finger under my chin, coaxing my gaze back to his. “I’ll spend the rest of my life wishing I’d held onto you when I had the chance.”
    Hunter pressed his lips to mine in a tender kiss that ended too soon. “Good-night, beautiful.”
    “Good-night.” But not good-bye. Not by a long shot.

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  8. My kiss, in Spanish (sorry) 😛

    Se acercó en cámara lenta, sintiendo el peso de sus pies, tal vez temiendo su reacción. Jamás habían visto sus ojos un destello de deseo en la mirada de su amiga; sabía que el peligro de su propio deseo provocaría un huracán, o un simple adiós para siempre.
    En cada paso que daba, podía ver el reflejo del atardecer que descansaba en su cara, tan blanca y tersa que invitaba a una caricia sin fin.
    Contuvo el aliento, respiró profundo sin interrumpir el silencio en la distancia que los separaba, llegó hasta ella y le rodeó la cintura con sus brazos. De un brinco, ella sonrió levantando su mirada y se encontró con los ojos oscuros de él, que le rogaban una respuesta inmediata. Se miraron sonriendo y él cerró sus ojos.

    Ella contuvo el aliento y comprendió. Se acercó a su boca sin pedir permiso, como quien muerde el fruto de un árbol prohibido; probó su labio inferior con ternura, y él sonrió. Él le contagió el deseo, ella aceptó el huracán y le hizo un truque al adiós.

    (to be continued… haha) 😉
    Thanks, Dan.

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  9. He walked in slow motion, feeling the weight of his feet, perhaps fearing her reaction. He had never seen a flash of desire in the eyes of her friend; he knew the danger of his own will, it could become a hurricane, or a simple goodbye forever.
    At each step he took, he could see the reflection of the sunset resting on her face, so white and smooth, inviting endless caress.
    He held a deep breath without interrupting the silence in the distance between them; he reached her and put his arms around her waist. With a leap, she smiled and raised his gaze, meeting his dark eyes, which begged an immediate response. They looked at each other smiling, and he closed his eyes.

    She held her breath and met the truth. She leaned to his mouth without asking permission, as one bites the fruit of the forbidden tree. She tested his lower lip tenderly, and he smiled. He translated his desire, she accepted the hurricane and made a “truque” with a goodbye.

    (no, no way. This is horrible, nothing to do with my version in Spanish haha)

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  10. My heart raced as she closed the distance between us, a panther: eyes on her prey. Her face inches away from mine, she hissed, “You’ve been gone too long to defy me, Lucien Navarro. I was once the Queen of the Annunaki and I intend to be Queen again. If you want to come with us, be one of us, eat and drink with us, then you will do as I say. Prove yourself to me; bend your knee to me, or I will slice your throat while you sleep, and then find you in your next life just to kill you again.”
    I grabbed the back of her head, unable to resist the closeness of her mouth any longer.
    Holding her face to mine, I kissed her.
    Layla twisted her head from my grasp. I pulled her back. She struggled for a moment and then gave in, returning the kiss for a delicious fraction of a second. My heart raced. I pulled her closer into me.
    She sank her teeth into my lip.
    The pressure was sharp. Jarring. Tasting blood, I released my grip on the back of her head and I grabbed my mouth.
    She backed away, anger flashing in her eyes as blood trailed down her chin.

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  11. I turned mine into a game on my blog. Here’s one of the scenes I used for that:

    I scan the cafe’s interior, then swallow and glance at the time. My drink shakes in my hands. Relax. It’s still early.

    Scolding myself, I find a small table with two chairs set against the wall and position myself to face the door. No way I’m going to miss his arrival, not after all this time.

    As I spin my wedding ring around my finger, I mentally repeat the story I’ve told myself for weeks, the one I have on stand-by in case anyone gets curious: He’s the doctor who took care of me when I broke my finger last year. Remember? He’s just following up. Some doctors are still like that.

    Yeah, and they give out their personal numbers and text their patients every day, too. And I’m sure many doctors meet their patients for coffee two towns over.

    My inner critic is silenced with another sip. I’m not going to chicken out, not after thousands of messages and the conversations we’ve had.

    The bell over the door jingles, and in he strolls. His brilliant smile covers his face the instant he sees me, and instead of heading to the counter to order a drink, he comes right for me.

    My breath catches in my chest. God, he’s even cuter in person than I remember.

    Without a word, he holds out his hand, and I put mine into it. I stand, meeting those dark eyes that for most of the last year I’ve only seen in pictures. My stomach knots with anticipation.

    He keeps his eyes locked on mine as he strokes my cheek with the back of his fingers. His smile widens. I shudder as he moves his fingers to my chin, lifting it. Closing the distance between us, he brushes my lips with his, teasing me. I ache for his kiss, something I’ve never experienced yet I know will be familiar.

    So close to me I can feel his breath, he says, “You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to do this.”

    A chill courses through me, and a longing hurt takes hold in my belly.

    Moving his hand to the back of my neck, he presses his lips into mine. Soft and warm, they move slowly, responding perfectly to my motions. My heart pounds against my chest so hard I’m sure he can feel it. He opens his mouth slightly, deepening our kiss, as he frames my face in his hands.

    After what feels like a blissful eternity, he pulls back and gazes into my eyes. “We should have done that a long time ago.”

    The rest is here: https://allisonmaruska.com/2016/04/25/getting-the-smooch-on-writing-a-kissing-scene/

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    1. Wow, VERY nice!

      I like that a few authors used kisses from their stories to show off their craft by lifting it out of its place and sharing it with us. Good marketing, to give us a taste. (Everyone should always feel free to to that. I encourage it. You’re great writers! Show off!)

      But I also LOVE when somebody creates something just for here. Something unique. That’s special, too, and maybe it becomes part of something later, maybe not, but it was created for here and or inspired by things here, so that makes it part of here, always.

      How can I not love that?

      So many amazing writers, gang. We’re very fortunate to see such talent assembled in one place.

      Enjoy it; it won’t likely happen again.

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