“Quite Possibly The Best Author-Based Interview/Quiz Show On The Internet!” – Me

But I may be biased. Why don’t YOU have a look at this week’s show and tell me what you think?

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Your input last time was very valuable to us. We listened to your suggestions and made changes to make the show better!

You said the opening was clunky – so we changed it. Now the title cards comes and goes quickly and I introduce everyone. Good call!

You said I was too pixilated – so I moved in front of a window. Now I’m not washed out and you can see I have a tan! Good call!

You said I talk too much – wow, you’re starting to get an attitude, aren’t you, smarty pants? Well, you were right about that, too. So I learned how to get the camera onto my co-hosts more often. And they talk more now, which helps.

So after just five or six short weeks, we figured out how to make a show we like.

Question is, would OTHERS like it?

If only I had a place to post the video where hundreds of people could give me their input. Hmm…

That’s where YOU come in.

We’re all friends here, so you won’t hurt anybody’s feelings; watch the show and give us your thoughts. Shoot straight. Dish it out. We can take it and you won’t get barred from the blog. Probably.


If you like the show, say why in the comments section below. If you don’t like the show, say why not – tell us how to make it better. And if you want to share your thoughts privately, use the Contact Me button.

Hey, why not JOIN US?

We record the show every Wednesday at 10:30AM EST and I edit it for air over the next few days so it’ll come to you Saturday morning. Over breakfast, you can watch three or more authors discuss author-ey stuff, and maybe laugh a little. Or a lot. Cos there’s a lot of laughing. Which is fun. I like laughing. If you wanna be on the show, send me an email using the Contact Me button. We’d love to have you.

Each week we end the show by awarding The Best Author Of The Week award for answering our random authorish questions – which YOU could win!

I’m sure you have something to promote or talk about, or would just like to pop in and say hi. Worst case, you’ll have some fun.

But first things first. Watch this week’s show and give me your thoughts below, please!

Next week’s guest: Lucy Brazier, author of Secret Diary of PorterGirl. CLICK HERE to watch it!

To see other episode of Writers Off Task With Friends, subscribe to our YouTube channel or search Writer’s Off task With Friends on the internet under videos. If you have a question you’d like us to ask in an upcoming show, send it to me using the Contact Me button! Thanks!

What do YOU think? Let me hear from ya.

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