Happy Easter!

I have a real barn burner of a post ready but since it’s Easter it’ll run tomorrow. Because it’s Easter. Because I don’t wanna spoil your nice Sunday. And because most of you won’t read it anyway because you’re spending time with family today. Which you should. So read it tomorrow and have fun with the clan today. Happy Easter.

16 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

    • Oh, my wife totally took care of me on that. She bought all dark chocolate because that’s what she and our daughter like, so I have almost zero temptation until I get to dinner at grandma’s. That giant Snickers bar she got me for Christmas only lasted two days and I decided I didn’t need to be surrounded by chocolate so often!

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      • Nice of her to only buy dark chocolate, then! I’m facing a similar dilemma over here, still trying to decide if I’m going to make Easter cookies this morning. You know, not for ME, for my friends and neighbors and coworkers, of course. Problem is, I know from prior cookie-baking episodes how many of them will disappear into my mouth before I even leave with the first batch of gifts. Poor guys never even get frosted. 🙂

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