Flash Fiction Challenge: Favorite Swear Word


Yep, that’s it. What’s your favorite swear word? (You can write it with asterisks in the middle if you need to.)

Well, that’s not quite all…

I also wanna know what word you hate most in the English language.

Could be the same word, I guess.

List them in the comments below and be sure to identify which is which.

Favorite swear word:

Least favorite word:


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32 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge: Favorite Swear Word

  1. Fuckin cocksuckin son-of-a-bitch.

    I don’t have have word I don’t like. Maybe Cancer…or non sufficient funds.

  2. Favourite swear word: Bollocks.

    Least favourite word: Mine is a group of words, and it’s not the words themselves, or their use in the correct situation, but people calling somebody (who they are not in a relationship with) darling, dear, love, honey, hon, babe, etc makes my skin crawl!!! I’d prefer somebody said “How are you today, bitch?” to me than “How are you today, darling?”

      1. Now, here’s the funny thing, add an American accent to that stuff, any variation, even Canadian, and it sounds normal. Then do it with a British accent and it’s bloody downright patronising! I heard a woman call a guy ‘Honey’ the other day (a guy she hardly knows) and I truly wanted to slap her on behalf of him, his wife, his kids, his parents, his next door neighbour, everyone… It was the most belittling thing, said in the most belittling voice, totally inappropriate and sadly from the scenario it was said in, totally fake. Ughh!!! Holy crap you’ve hit a nerve over here! ⚡️😁

    1. I’m with you on both points. I was exchanging texts to try to book an appointment with someone and she kept calling me ‘hon’ – I dislike her already and we haven’t met yet!

  3. Favorite swear word: “Fuck” and all variations. i.e. Fuckwad, Fuckityfuckfuckfuck, Fuckin’ A, fuckaduck, fuckadoodle…
    Least favorite is cunt.

  4. Least favourite swear words ‘Fuck’ (over-used and there are folk out there who still think it’s daring to include it in their writing-big yawn). ‘Cunt’ (, used to be a good insult, but it’s starting to be used as a put-down by inadequate males to women)
    In fact you have to get inventive these days to get a good decent swearing going; all the one-word cusses are over used:
    So you can be lyrical:
    ‘Curse you unto the very bowels of the deepest hells’ or ‘May your favoured relative turn into a three-legged stoat’ or ‘Argh! May all Destruction Collapse Upon You!!’ I mean they are quite good, but they take a while and they don’t get noticed by the knuckle-draggers.
    It’s a problem…..

    Least favourite normal word: ‘Economics’ (translate as ‘I’m gonna talk for hours and you wouldn’t understand a word I’m saying’)

    Favourite Word: ‘Love’

    1. I have to admit, they use cunt a lot more in some countries than others, and it lessens the impact. By the end of Trainspotting I was practically immune to it – until I stepped outside. Can’t use that one casually in Florida!

      1. Slightly off topic.
        In the UK a common greeting to all and sundry is ‘How’s tricks?’…Thus UK folk going to the USA are cautioned (if on official business instructed) never, ever to say that to any American woman.

        1. That probably would have been okay in, like, the ’40’s or something. It’s in old movies. I doubt most younger women know “tricks” as a prostitution reference OR a line from old movies. But – better not to risk it!

  5. In English, favorite: fucking shit
    Least favorite: trauma
    (in my language: favorite: “la reconcha de la lora”.
    Least favorite: “culeado” -ugly-)
    And I agree with Tess, in my country the words “corazón, corazoncito, divinura, amorcito, amor, mi vida, bonita/o to a stranger just drives me mad…

    1. It bugged me for a long time. I grew up in Ohio and people don’t talk like that. But in Florida some folks do – older folks usually – but they mean it in a nice way. Heck, once I saw it was part of their culture, I didn’t mind being called “honey” or “sugar.” But that took a long time. Now I barely notice.

  6. This is like asking me to choose a favorite pair of shoes…or a favorite child. Gah.

    I haven’t seen anyone mention douchecanoe or fuckmonkey. So for variety’s sake, there ya go.

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