Flash Fiction Challenge: Favorite Swear Word


Yep, that’s it. What’s your favorite swear word? (You can write it with asterisks in the middle if you need to.)

Well, that’s not quite all…

I also wanna know what word you hate most in the English language.

Could be the same word, I guess.

List them in the comments below and be sure to identify which is which.

Favorite swear word:

Least favorite word:


32 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge: Favorite Swear Word

  1. Favourite swear word: Bollocks.

    Least favourite word: Mine is a group of words, and it’s not the words themselves, or their use in the correct situation, but people calling somebody (who they are not in a relationship with) darling, dear, love, honey, hon, babe, etc makes my skin crawl!!! I’d prefer somebody said “How are you today, bitch?” to me than “How are you today, darling?”

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  2. Least favourite swear words ‘Fuck’ (over-used and there are folk out there who still think it’s daring to include it in their writing-big yawn). ‘Cunt’ (, used to be a good insult, but it’s starting to be used as a put-down by inadequate males to women)
    In fact you have to get inventive these days to get a good decent swearing going; all the one-word cusses are over used:
    So you can be lyrical:
    ‘Curse you unto the very bowels of the deepest hells’ or ‘May your favoured relative turn into a three-legged stoat’ or ‘Argh! May all Destruction Collapse Upon You!!’ I mean they are quite good, but they take a while and they don’t get noticed by the knuckle-draggers.
    It’s a problem…..

    Least favourite normal word: ‘Economics’ (translate as ‘I’m gonna talk for hours and you wouldn’t understand a word I’m saying’)

    Favourite Word: ‘Love’

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  3. In English, favorite: fucking shit
    Least favorite: trauma
    (in my language: favorite: “la reconcha de la lora”.
    Least favorite: “culeado” -ugly-)
    And I agree with Tess, in my country the words “corazón, corazoncito, divinura, amorcito, amor, mi vida, bonita/o to a stranger just drives me mad…

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    • It bugged me for a long time. I grew up in Ohio and people don’t talk like that. But in Florida some folks do – older folks usually – but they mean it in a nice way. Heck, once I saw it was part of their culture, I didn’t mind being called “honey” or “sugar.” But that took a long time. Now I barely notice.

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  4. This is like asking me to choose a favorite pair of shoes…or a favorite child. Gah.

    I haven’t seen anyone mention douchecanoe or fuckmonkey. So for variety’s sake, there ya go.


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