About this week…

It’s my daughter’s birthday this week. That means my house will be filled with fifteen or so five- and six-year-olds. Which means fifteen or so parents. Which means we have to clean the house. And since we have house cleaners, that’s easily done every two weeks. But outside, that’s a different story. Outside is my realm. Or responsibility, I guess. It’s my realm most of the year, but it’s my wife’s this week. Because the fifteen kids and accompanying guardians will see the house, and the house must be in presentable shape when they do. Which means leaves must be raked and lawns must be mowed. All of which I do, by the way, but since my daughter’s birthday comes right around the time the leaves fall and the grass starts growing and the oak pollen drops from our many, many oak trees like giant yellow clumps of snow as soon as the gentlest of breezes comes along, it’s kind of a constant battle this week. Apparently we don’t want people to know pollen falls in our yard. To be fair, there’s a lot of it. A lot. Tons. And tons of leaves, too. But somehow they all manage to get dutifully picked up or mowed under before guests arrive. So that’s what I might be doing instead of blogging insightful stuff for you this week. And sneezing. Because pollen. But if time consumes me – I’m supposed to be finishing edits for The Navigators, remember? If time consumes me and I don’t create insightful stuff, look for reblogs of cool stuff I wrote before that you probably never read. This post is fair warning, that’s all. And I’ll try to update the posts instead of reblog them so they don’t look like leftovers. Which is what we’re eating this week because the wife is doing yard work with every spare minute of her time, too. But it’s worth it because our house looks pretty snazzy when the hedges are trimmed (her area) and the pool deck is clean (also her area). The driveway will be free of leaves (my area but she bought a leaf blower so she may be taking that over, too). And the 80 or so bags of leaves (no kidding) I collect will find their way to the curb just in time to be disposed of by the yard waste guys the day before the party. It’s really quite a feat. And it happens all this week. Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine or I’m screwed.

UPDATE: I had a pretty productive Tuesday morning so the posts this week are all new stuff. Never mind.

19 thoughts on “About this week…

  1. Lolololololol.
    So, basically this post was a rant about yard work, then?
    The funny thing about kids is they will never care about a mess. Throw those leaves on the trampoline! They’ll love jumping in them πŸ™‚

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  2. You allow leaves and pollen to just fall, right there on your yard? I say! What kind of a crazy wilderness preserve are you running, in what I’m sure is a perfectly ordered neighborhood filled with perfectly ordered homeowners who would never countenance such bold incursions of nature? Harrumph, I say, harrumph! Better get that chaos cleaned up, mister. πŸ˜€

    Because nobody hates chaos more than fifteen small children at a birthday party.

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  3. Wow Dan. You have a busy full life. A birthday party can demand all of these things get done. It’s one way to spruce up the house and yard. Sounds like it will be a success and your home and family will be at their best. No wonder they say writers, just need to take the time to write…when family matters demand your attention. Have a great day with your daughter!!

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  4. I’m just amazed that you actually had people RSVP. I’m told that’s simply not done anymore. (It SHOULD happen, but people aren’t very good at it…)

    Next time give each kid a bag and give them $1 per pound of leaves they pick up….great party game….

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    • RSVP’s are tricky. In some cases, they don’t work at all, but with kids parties they seem to. I calculate 90% of the RSVP’s that say Yes will actually show up (kids get sick that morning, wake up with a fever, etc.) plus 20% of the nonreplies because Florida people are bad about RSVPing. Then the No’s are just no’s. And as you catch up with folks who didn’t RSVP, they’re like, “See ya Saturday!” and you’re like “Oh, I guess you’re coming then…”

      But we accomplished what I wanted: a great party for my daughter, full of a ton of her friends. SO much fun.

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