Writing Blurbs That Work

Getting ready to attack this again…

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Look! Look! Look! I must buy this book!

Yesterday we discussed the difficulty in writing a blurb – a short description that gets potential readers to click BUY – for your book

(See: Why Your Book Isn’t Selling, HERE. Hint – it’s the blurb.)


It’s hard to do for our own work because you are usually too close to your book. What you want in a blurb is the highlights, but presented in a certain way. A friend is usually better at that than you, especially when you’re doing it for the first time, and if you are in a critique group, you can ask one of your partners to help develop the blurb, then test it out on the other partners.


If it works, run it by friend and fans on your Facebook page (that’s also a sneaky way to create some interest without appearing to do so).


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10 thoughts on “Writing Blurbs That Work

  1. Dan,
    I liked your advice and how the blurb for your book progressed but please, please don’t tell us that the girl he saw on the train turned out to be his assistant. That was a plot twist that I didn’t see coming at all and it had an excellent element of surprise that contributed to the success of the story. Just my opinion but it was actually one of the cleverest aspects of the book. Instead of giving it away could you just hint to it?

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  2. Ok I just read the finished product which is very concise and to the point. At the risk of sounding obcessed, can you just say he runs into her again in a way he never imagined? Or something like that without losing the mystery of their getting together? That way we are still surprised when he sees her in the hotel lobby and all the men are looking at her. See, I still remember the scene! Just an idea.

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