Flash Fiction Challenge (Kinda)

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. And the most fun.

(It’s Monday. We’ll keep it easy.)

00000 unimpressed shark 17 FFC sleep.jpg


Today’s Flash Fiction Challenge: put the title of your latest book or current work in progress (short stories count, Jenny) into this anagram maker and see what it comes up with.

Post both in the comments section.

Click HERE for the anagram maker. It’ll give you a list. Scroll through and find your fave.



28 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge (Kinda)

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ask Jet Hog sounds like an agony column with a redneck superhero.
    Whereas ‘Jake’s Ghost’ is the story of a dead stand up comedian whose estranged daughter is seeking the truth about him from the women that loved him (it’s no laughing matter…)

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  2. Your anagram maker link didn’t like me much! Came up with ~8000 choices the first cut all starting Be ….. this that and the other. So, I tried another anagram maker and it gave just one example trying to get me to sigh up to view others … but what a gem that one is:

    Thieve Benign Ugliness

    I could write to this…my life story!

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